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Nov 24

Steps for Energy Savings in a Large House

When owning a large home, you must be ready to maintain the home. This means more rooms to clean, more floors to mop, etc. As the owner of a large home it also means larger cost. Not only does the home have a large cost with the mortgage but you also have operational cost. A …

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Nov 21

Why Reclaimed Wood Flooring Saves More Than Just Money


Wooden flooring instantly adds character and a warm richness to a room but laying down a new solid wood floor can be an expensive investment. Reclaiming the wooden floors, frames and beams from old buildings and upcycling the wood has very popular as the concerns over deforestation and sustainable wood resources continue to rise. If …

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Nov 19

Upcycling – Turning Shipping Containers Into Creatively Designed, Eco-Friendly Homes


Many praise-worthy adjectives can describe the New Zealand-set mini-series “Top of the Lake,” starring Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter, but fans will agree the atmospheric ambiance was further enhanced by the stunning design of Hunter’s guru’s “Paradise” encampment, which featured a colorful, practical and impressive array of shipping-container living facilities. With one converted shipping container …

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Nov 19

What if a Solar Panel Becomes a Sunflower?


One of the most serious problems linked to solar energy application is panels’ efficiency in converting solar energy. A photovoltaic panel, is, effectively, a static object which produces electric energy from the sunlight. As a consequence, a panel which can follow the sun on his daily change of positions, can clearly increase its power output. …

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Nov 19

Green Thanksgiving: Let’s Give Back the Planet Its Original Color

It is that time of the year again. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there is plenty to do in anticipation of this wonderful holiday. It won’t be long before Halloween and then before you know it, Christmas is upon us! But unfortunately there is a down side to all this celebrating. Did you …

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Nov 18

Pets at Home: The Greener the Better?


Go green, people! If you have pets at home, you may need to heed this advice for the sake of both of you. Natural products are popular not because they are just considered a fad. In truth, these offer several benefits that include improved health and a better earth. With pets at home, buying green …

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Nov 13

How To Load Bulk Items In A Storage Container

Shipping Container

Since these containers may be travelling hundreds of miles by land or by sea, it’s imperative that they be secure. Therefore, consider getting strong steel shipping containers in Adelaide or other parts of Australia. Find a company that offers general purpose containers, high cube containers, and dangerous goods containers, which work for both non-dangerous and …

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Nov 13

Experiencing The New Phenomena: Voluntouring


While many churches have participated in mission trips similar to volunteer vacations and the Peace Corps has existed since 1960, it’s only since disasters like September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, and the Thailand Tsunami that voluntouring has heightened in popularity. What Volunteer Vacations Entail Instead of traditional holidays, more and more people are taking a volunteer …

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Nov 05

Go Green With LED Lighting Solutions

Go Green with LED lighting solutions

More people are realizing the benefits of using energy-efficient products. The need to save energy is becoming more important for homeowners and business owners. Buying light emitting diodes (LEDs) is the ideal solution to green lighting. Consumers must understand the environmental and economic benefits of using these LED light technologies. LED lights are designed to …

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Oct 28

Three Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

If you’re environmentally conscious, one of the issues that is likely to be pressing on your mind is deforestation. When you know that over 36 football fields-worth of forest are destroyed every single minute, it’s difficult to imagine how anybody could support such action. Yet despite this, wood is one of the best materials to …

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Oct 27

Why Solar Power Is Cooler Than You Think

You probably know all there is to know about domestic solar panels, and kudos to you if you’ve already installed these clever photovoltaic cells on your roof, as you’re totally doing your bit to reduce CO2 and conserve energy (not to mention the money you’re saving on energy bills). There are plenty of other ways …

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Oct 22

Purple Buddha Project: Helping Cambodia by Upcycling Jewelry Artifacts


Cambodia is one of the most bombed countries in the World. The 2014 Fall Collection of the Purple Buddha Project is based on the foundation that we can learn something from the past and use it today to change the future. Upcycling artifacts from around the World from Germany, India, United States, to Cambodia; the …

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