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Sep 16

Environmentally-Friendly Surrounds for Your Shower and Tub


Everyday rituals may make our lives predictable, yet they somehow give us a comfortable rhythm. Hence, it can be said that they can be boring to do at times. Good thing, however, that there are so many ways to make these rituals fun and special. Showering and bathing, for example, can be made special by …

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Sep 10

Stop Junk Mail and Save Some Trees

We can’t help you prevent from getting some things in the mail, but the following will reduce a lot of your junk mail that you receive. This of course reduces the number of trees needed to create these unwanted mailings. Contact the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Mail Preference Service (MPS). You must re-register after five …

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Aug 14

How Outdoor Marquees Keep Kids Sun Safe at School

We all know how to slip, slop and slap, but sun protection for kids at school doesn’t end here. Elementary and middle schools (or Primary and secondary schools if you are in Australia) are required to provide adequate shaded areas for kids during recess, lunch and active play, as well for as physical education and …

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Aug 11

Freecycling: Giving Away Instead Of Throwing Away


What is exactly is freecycling? It is when someone gives away an unwanted item, for free, to another person. That item could be anything from tools to appliances. So instead of throwing things away to sit in landfills, you can give them away to someone who needs them. You weren’t expecting money anyway for something …

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Jul 24

Eminent Questions To Answer Before Choosing The Reliable Quotes For ECO Cars

While planning to focus towards electric cars, it means that you will land up with some money saving opportunities. These vehicles are exempt from the tax along with congestion charges. On top of all these saving options, you can also get in hold of the cheaper versions of car insurance. The cover cost is solely …

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Jul 24

Turning a Urban Heat Hotbed into a Green Cooling Haven


There is no better symbol of modernization, success, and advancements than urban cities. Cities are sources of vibrant economies, progressive thinking, and the evolution of a country. Yet, while cities are a hotbed for progression, they are also a literal hotbed of heat – which is the reason why urban cities are notoriously referred to …

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Jul 24

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint One Step at a Time


Messages of going green, reducing our carbon footprint and leading more eco-friendly lives seem to be found just about everywhere these days. The information overload can be extremely confusing to newcomers of green living, but it is important to remember that no matter the conservation message, the main ideas are always consistent – use less …

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Jul 23

Making Batteries, Not Cars, Will Be Tesla’s Priority in the Future

Ever since it was founded back in 2003, Tesla Motors has been regarded as a car manufacturer first and foremost, despite the fact that the company itself has been stating that its primary goal is to supply other car makers with highly-efficient EV batteries, in an effort to accelerate the adoption of green vehicles, and …

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Jul 21

Precycling 101: Proactive Recycling


Precycling is the process of thinking things through before buying something. Before buying a product ask yourself, “When I am finished with this product what will happen?” Will it go off to a landfill, am I going to recycle it, will I be able to reuse it somehow or am I going to donate it …

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Jul 03

Business Model Changes for Real Estate, Construction & Architecture Industry to Tap into Green Construction


Over 40% of global energy is consumed by the real estate industry, which includes constructing and operating buildings. They don’t just account for large energy consumption, but they also produce 25% of the global waste. The demand for sustainable technology is on rise and the construction industry is aligning its resources to provide sustainable building …

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Jun 30

What Are The Benefits Of Eco Bags?

Good question! First of all, we will look at some plastic facts and the effect plastic bags have on our environment. Worldwide, it is estimated that there are between 500 million and 1 trillion plastic bags used across the world each year. Also, plastic bags are in fact recyclable but it is only around 3% …

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Jun 25

Can Your Roof Save the Planet?

Now I’ve never been on the Family Feud, but I can guarantee that if you ask one-hundred people what the best way to save money on household energy costs is, you’ll see close to the following breakdown: About 50 of them will say windows and making sure they’re not leaking hot or cold. Another 20-25 …

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