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Jul 21

Precycling 101: Proactive Recycling


Precycling is the process of thinking things through before buying something. Before buying a product ask yourself, “When I am finished with this product what will happen?” Will it go off to a landfill, am I going to recycle it, will I be able to reuse it somehow or am I going to donate it …

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Jul 03

Business Model Changes for Real Estate, Construction & Architecture Industry to Tap into Green Construction


Over 40% of global energy is consumed by the real estate industry, which includes constructing and operating buildings. They don’t just account for large energy consumption, but they also produce 25% of the global waste. The demand for sustainable technology is on rise and the construction industry is aligning its resources to provide sustainable building …

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Jun 30

What Are The Benefits Of Eco Bags?

Good question! First of all, we will look at some plastic facts and the effect plastic bags have on our environment. Worldwide, it is estimated that there are between 500 million and 1 trillion plastic bags used across the world each year. Also, plastic bags are in fact recyclable but it is only around 3% …

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Jun 25

Can Your Roof Save the Planet?

Now I’ve never been on the Family Feud, but I can guarantee that if you ask one-hundred people what the best way to save money on household energy costs is, you’ll see close to the following breakdown: About 50 of them will say windows and making sure they’re not leaking hot or cold. Another 20-25 …

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Jun 23

Light Materials For Safer, More Fuel-Efficient Cars

Due to tougher emission and fuel economy standards that are aimed at reducing air pollution, automakers are forced to find new ways for cutting fuel consumption. One of the key factors that affect a vehicle’s fuel economy is weight, given that the more a vehicle weighs, the harder its engine has to work, burning more …

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Jun 17

nyt liv – New Green Cleaning Products Online Store

nyt liv is a streamlined approach to e-commerce shopping that is unrivaled in today’s market. The company was founded to tackle many of today’s environmental issues – the first being harmful toxins found in today’s conventional cleaning products. We hope to shift the demand to safer options, drive competition, spur innovation, and provide a healthy …

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Jun 11

The Eco Benefits of Canvas Bags


Why are so many supermarkets now offering reusable canvas bags at the till alongside plastic bags? Why are many politicians and campaigners seeking to impose fees on plastics, or ban them altogether? Simply put, they’re a massive environmental nightmare. Each of us use dozens of plastic bags every month, usually collected when we go shopping. …

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Jun 04

Infographic: Environmentally Friendly Car Guide


June 5th is “World Environment Day”. Below is an infographic based around Environmentally Friendly Cars, highlighting the fact that car emissions are the biggest cause of environmental pollution and some ways in which to help prevent this. It also discusses the benefits of using eco-friendly cars which emit less pollution as compared to the traditional cars, while …

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May 28

Earth Day Celebrated With Paper Bags

American students used paper bags to celebrate Earth Day this year as part of a campaign to help improve the environment. Earth Day is an annual event that happens every April 22nd and has stemmed from the Flower Power movement of the 1970s. This day is dedicated to doing well for the environment by discussing …

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May 22

Innovative Fueling Station Design Developed By WSU Students

Considering the high cost of building hydrogen fueling stations, and the unwillingness of businesses to build them before a sufficient number of hydrogen vehicles is produced, every idea that could help reduce the construction and installation costs for fueling stations is more than welcomed. One such idea was recently proposed by a groups of students …

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May 16

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy


With our planet under tremendous pressure due to a growing population and diminishing resources, we need to play our part and do what we can to relieve the burden. Renewable energy is one of the best ways we can assist. Let’s take a step back; up till now we’ve been relying on coal, gas and …

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May 15

Building Sustainable Community Housing


Green buildings are making inroads into the commercial space market segment. According to recent surveys, green buildings are on rise in the US. Almost half of all new U.S. retail shops and hotels are expected to go green by 2015. However, there is another market segment that is benefiting from this shift. Affordable housing communities …

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