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Mar 26

Climate Change and Its Impact on Coffee Production

People who trivialise climate change and believe it won’t have an impact on their comfortable western lifestyle may be in for a shock – global warming is having a very palpable effect on the cost and quality of coffee. Consumers all over the world, who benefit from the 2 billion cups of coffee made available …

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Mar 06

6 Tips for Going Green When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling gives you an opportunity to turn your bathroom into an eco-friendly oasis. Go for the green options from start to finish with the help of the following tips. #1: Go With the Flow Choosing low-flow, water-wise fixtures is the single most environmentally sound bathroom choice you can make – and it can save you …

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Feb 23

Different Types of Cast Iron Radiators and What Style Goes With What Theme of Room

Cast iron radiators make any room warm and cosy. Over the years designers have improved upon their performance, and now manufacturers offer several design selections, combining function and style. From simplicity to elegance, there are many to choose from. Homeowners, contractors, and interior design consultants can find the perfect radiator for any room, apartment, or …

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Feb 19

Infographic: Types of Green Cars


This infographic details the types of environmentally friendly cars. From electric cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen cars and solar cars. Included is news on these types of green cars. Also, ways to make an impact even with a non-green car. Source:

Feb 16

Using Shipping Container for Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Image by zendt66 from Flickr Creative Commons

When responding to a disaster, no matter what type of disaster it is the quicker that you can get onto the scene and start supplying relief the better. There are many different natural disasters that afflict the world within which we live. Hurricanes Tsunami Earthquake Tornado Flooding Famine It is essential to try and get …

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Feb 12

Infographic: Benefits of Urban Forests


This infographic details the benefits of trees in urban areas. Trees reduces energy consumption, aid in air purification and water management. Also mentioned are facts on how trees add to the cityscape and improve the atmosphere figuratively and literally. Also learn about three famous trees: The Survivor Tree, The Oldest Parisian Tree and The Marylebone …

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Feb 11

How to Piece Together the Perfect Outdoor Area

When your aim is true for the perfect outdoor space you may get your visions slightly jumbled. You think that you want some things, you know that you can’t live without other things, but your whole picture just seems to not be adding up as you’d like. There are some clear steps in order for …

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Feb 04

Infographic: Top 10 Solar Power Countries


This infographic will show us the top countries in the world using solar power measured in gigawatts. There may be some surprises in the results. Germany is the top country followed by China, Italy, Japan, the United States, Spain, France, Australia, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Source:

Feb 02

How Do We Maintain Indoor Air Quality in the Winter?

Since you spend most of your day indoors, it’s important that your air quality is top notch. That’s even more so when you’re in the winter months as some areas get quite cold. Windows and doors are left tightly shut and make it impossible to get in new fresh air throughout the home. Learning how …

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Feb 02

How to Capitalise on Space in a Small Office Space When Renovating

So your small business is thriving, you’re taking on new customers and you have a renovation planned in the works. Unfortunately there is one drawback and that is the size of your workspace. A small workspace can be a blessing at times when it comes to having staff meetings, ensuring that everyone is happy and …

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Jan 29

Power Shortages Due In 2015

There was an interesting news article I read a few years ago warning the UK that they would have major power shortages and outages in 2015, this was according the power regulation Ofgem. Reading further into news reports it is clear that this is not just limited to the UK, many countries are using up …

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Jan 27

Why it Pays to Spend More on the Right Battery

Getting a gift that runs out of battery power too quickly is something nobody wants to experience. Buying the right battery for a gift being given, or especially for a child’s toy, shows that the gift giver is going the extra mile to make sure the receiver gets the most out of their gift. A …

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