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Oct 14

Product Review: Three Sisters All-Natural Cereal

three sisters cereal

Honestly, as of a month ago I had never heard of Three Sisters Cereal. That changed when the company recently contacted me and were nice enough to give me three of their cereals to review. I was very intrigued by their story: a company in Minneapolis, Minnesota who make cereal in a very eco-friendly way. I was also very interested in the taste of their cereal.

Three Sisters gave me three varieties to try: Sweet Wheat, Marshmallow Oaties and Honey Oaties. I have to say that I found their cereal to be very tasty. I especially liked the Marshmallow Oaties. The marshmallows don’t fall apart or discolor the milk and “take over” the taste of the entire cereal. The Sweet Wheat seems to be crunchier than your average wheat cereal, which for me is a good thing. The Honey Oaties has a better taste to me than any other sweet grain oat cereal I’ve tried (I’m looking at you Honey Nut Cheerios). Three Sisters also has other varieties: Cinnamon Sweets, Honey Puffs, Graham Crackerz as well as instant oatmeal products.

Two of the reasons for the superior taste in their cereal is they use all natural ingredients as well as packaging every cereal in a “freshness saver” bag. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and no hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. With their clever “freshness saver” bags the cereal’s quality is kept intact and there is no need for a box. This less packaging saves natural resources. Here are some stats from their packaging:

Each year, there are about 2.5 billion cereal boxes sold in the United States. If even half of those boxes were bags, we’d save 90,000 tons of paperboard. The energy saved could power over 11,000 homes for a year. It would eliminate 170 million gallons of waste water and avoid 1,800 garbage trucks of solid waste

So what else makes Three Sisters Cereal eco-friendly? Well, they purchase wind-generated electricity credits from Windsource® for 100% of the electricity used to produce their cereals. They are also big into recycling and reducing waste and water consumption. That’s what I’m talking about! You can’t recycle the “freshness saver” bags, but you can send your bags to TerraCycle after you’re done.

Overall, I highly recommend trying Three Sisters Cereal for the taste and the green features of the company. Alas, currently their cereal can only be found at Whole Foods Markets. I hope they are able to expand to more outlets because this cereal deserves to be everywhere. For more information and to stay connected with them, find Three Sisters on Facebook.

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  1. Mady

    Green… Sure. But is it good for is it good for our health? It’s full of Corn Syrup and so sugary.

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