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Aug 08

Guest Post: Online Education: The Greener Side of Learning

Obtaining your degree is very important now-a-days. It’s literally the first thing that companies look for on a resume. However that doesn’t mean you have to drive to a traditional university to get it. An online education is a good alternative for students to decrease their carbon foot print. Online education means less paper used for classes as well as less harmful emissions from vehicles. So instead of getting a traditional master degree, why not go for an online master degree?

Getting an education is extremely important in the job market. Though you may have never thought of an online education before, here are some reasons to give it a thought:

1. Online Education is Digital

This means there is no printing huge term papers again and again in order to get a good grade in the class. Online education uses special software and utilizes free Google apps that help students achieve success. Instead of printing, students email their teachers and classmates or use tools similar to Dropbox that allow only certain people to view their assignments. And through programs like Google docs students are able to collaborate on group projects (if need be). Also students are able to communicate with their teachers via instant message if they have any questions. Online universities are thus better for the environment and limit the paper usage that students use all over the US (or anywhere).

2. Classes Are Anywhere

Because students are able to take their classes anywhere, driving to a campus and releasing carbon emissions are out. You can sit at your desk at home in your pajamas and take your classes online. However, if you have a laptop and you are unable to focus in your room, you can take your online school wherever you want. You can have your Science class at Starbucks and your Literature class in the peace and quiet of the library. As long as you can get Wi-Fi, you can take your classes anywhere, even on road trips if you want.

3. Plenty of Time for Other Green Activities

Because you can take your classes anywhere at any time, you’ll have plenty of time to plant your garden. Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be a therapeutic experience as well as rewarding. Growing your own organic produce can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Also, you could make a little money by selling them at a famers’ market. Organic vegetables are highly sought after and also highly priced. It could become a great match: online education and a farmers’ market booth.

There are many ways for people to go green, but when it comes to education, online is the best. It eliminates the need for paper material as well as reduces the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. And by reducing the time it takes for classes by being able to do them at your leisure, students can pursue other green opportunities.


Author bio:

Nan Gibbons is an environmentalist and jet set fitness expert. She spends her time traveling to advise at sporting events, being a motivational speaker, and volunteering at various environmental charities. In her free time, she enjoys running the beach with her best friend and lab mix Cody.


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