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Oct 20

Eco-Friendly Products for Your Business

Now that you’ve joined the green revolution and gone environmentally friendly in your home, it’s time to transfer those same ideals into your business. There are many eco-friendly products that can be purchased for your business, both to use and utilize, and several are the same that you have brought into your home. Here are some tips for turning your business into an eco-friendly one.

1. Bathrooms
Every business has bathrooms. Whether you have one or several, be sure to install low-flow toilets. High-efficiency, low-flow toilets use up to half of the water as conventional toilets and will save water and money at the same time. Be sure to stock the bathroom with recycled and compostable paper products as well.

2. Lunchrooms
Lunchrooms are a great place to incorporate eco-friendly ideals. From compostable plates to recycled cutlery, taking care to purchase environmentally sound supplies will reduce your employees’ carbon footprint without them ever knowing it. Take it a step further and place a recycling bin in your lunchroom and a portable composter outside of your back door.

3. Cleaning Closet
Many cleaning companies are producing eco-friendly cleaners and supplies. Brooms are made from recycled plastics and fibers, garbage bags are biodegradable and sponges are made from eco-friendly materials. All of these things help to keep trash out of landfills by reusing materials in their production.

4. Interior Design
If you are building a business or thinking of revamping the interior of your already established business, consider ‘green’ paints, energy-saving light bulbs and counter tops made of recycled glass or other materials. Doing so can reduce your energy costs and help cut down the high rate of deforestation in the country.

5. Office Products
There are several large chain stores that offer eco-friendly office supply products. Everything from white-out to paper can be purchased in an environmentally conscious way. If you are buying new computers or printers, consider purchasing those that are made from recycled components and are energy star certified. You’ll save money in the long run and reduce your energy consumption to boot.

6. Printers
If you use a printer for your business cards, flyers or other graphic design products, use a company that prints on recycled materials using soy ink. Compared to traditional petroleum based inks, soy ink is made from soy beans and is more environmentally friendly. Large and small printing companies alike are offering soy ink at reasonable prices.

Whether your business is big or small, it’s very easy to make a few simple changes to start making your office more environmentally conscious. Don’t be shy about what you’re doing; let employees know that you are undertaking a green initiative! You may just find that you lead by example.


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