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Jul 16

Scooters: The Eco-Friendly, Cheap, and Fun Transportation Solution

The Piaggio MP3 is a tilting three-wheeled scooter - scooters

Going green is more complicated than it seems. Even some of the most Earth-friendly products on the market contain materials that make them difficult to recycle, or they’re produced in ways that pump enough carbon into the atmosphere that they have a negative impact on the environment no matter how many times they’re recycled.

This becomes especially complicated when it comes to transportation. New hybrid cars are too expensive for most people, and while an average car pumps over one ton of carbon into the air per year, it’s often the best choice for cash-strapped commuters.

The Alternative

Did you know that you can purchase a vehicle that doesn’t require you to purchase insurance? If your main concern is transporting yourself from place to place, it might be the best option out of all of them. The vehicle in question is a scooter, and not only does a scooter use less fuel than an automobile, you don’t need to purchase special tags or many of the other things that would go with the other option in this vein, namely getting a motorcycle.


The Honda Metropolitan 50 is capable of getting over 100 MPG, and smaller scooters perform even better. As for the initial cost, you can purchase a brand new scooter for $1,500 or less. Even the most expensive models generally won’t cost you more than a few thousand.


Scooters are much lighter and more maneuverable than motorcycles, and there’s no gears and no clutch to work. This practically eliminates the learning curve that comes with the purchase of a traditional motorbike. Someone that’s never ridden one before will be able to master the basics in less than a day.


While scooters won’t replace a car for large families or people that have to run large errands on a regular basis, it’s perfect as a form of student transportation or for short commutes. If you live in an area where nearly everything you require is within a few miles of your home, you can eliminate the need for a car except for long road trips and when you need to bring someone with you to your destination.


Of course, you can’t be all business and no play. Beyond the many practical advantages of owning a scooter, you can get a visceral experience from it that you can’t get within the closed, windless space inside of a car. Riding along on a fast scooter may not make you look as edgy as someone on the back of a Harley, but the experiences are similar enough that you’ll know exactly how it feels to ride a hog.

If you purchase a scooter, you’ve got every excuse to explore those back roads you’ve never gone down before. America has some of the most intricate roadways that you can find anywhere in the world, and if you’re looking for a break from the daily grind, nothing will lift your spirits like a sightseeing tour down a seldom-traveled rural road.

If you’re in a position where you could feasibly replace your car or you could stand to eliminate some of the costs associated with your day-to-day dealings, a scooter is an excellent investment. It’s cheap, it’s practical and it’s fun. You couldn’t ask for more.

Jen Hillocks lives and writes in London. She writes for where you can find more information on car insurance, trips, and tips for saving money when you drive.


  1. San Diego Plumber

    Scooters! You just have to love them. Yes, they are easier to maneuver than motorcycles because there’s no clutch and it’s easier to ride with it in heavy traffic, too. I never had my own scooter but my brother-in-law does. When I had the chance, I borrowed it from him and I enjoyed the experience very much.

  2. Paul Martin

    Ha ha, sorry mate. That’s not gonna happen in the UK. We need an insurance on all types of ‘motored vehicles’. My friend just passed his test and I guess he pays around the same amount as you mentioned. Early car-drivers would have to pay more than this though.

  3. George Pepper

    Yeah, I remember paying like a grand just as my first year’s premium. But gradually it has come down now as I have had no claims. Guess to around 60%. Its still quite high though. If this does not require any insurance, I’d be one of the first ones to buy for sure.

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