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Jun 24

The Simplest Sustainable Agriculture Techniques

The number of humans living on Earth is expected to increase from 7.3 billion to 9.7 billion in 2050. Everyone has to eat. Hunger causes political unrest and reminds us that as lofty as our goals and accomplishments may be, we still need food to function at the most basic level. A full stomach is …

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Mar 28

Take a Risk to Improve Your Recycling

In our day to day life we use multiple products which are non-degradable. Non-degradable products means which cannot be degraded or broken down by mother earth. Non degradable pollutants are mostly heavy metals, plastics, some hazardous chemicals etc. Considering the increasing environmental pollution in recent years, we can help to reduce environmental pollution by reducing …

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Feb 11

Essay on Go Green Save Future

More and more people are thinking about the environmental issues and ecological condition of Earth nowadays. Why has this problem become so relevant? What should we do to save our future? In my opinion, people have understood that their irresponsibility causes harm to the natural environment. Our planet suffers from numerous problems, which have been …

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Dec 18

Is the Quarrying Industry Ready for the Future?

The quarrying industry is absolutely rocking it when it comes profits. As a £1bn industry in the UK alone, with an additional £5bn of revenue coming from the manufacture of mining & quarrying equipment in the UK, the quarrying industry is one which has seen sustained growth over the last few years. As with most …

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Apr 08

The Earth Day

The thirsty earth soaks up the rain, And drinks, and gapes for drink again. 
The plants suck in the earth and are 
With constant drinking fresh and fair –Abraham Cowley, English poet (1618–67)   The Earth Day is celebrated around the world on the April 22, usually with outdoor performances, where people willingly perform acts …

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Feb 12

Infographic: Benefits of Urban Forests

This infographic details the benefits of trees in urban areas. Trees reduces energy consumption, aid in air purification and water management. Also mentioned are facts on how trees add to the cityscape and improve the atmosphere figuratively and literally. Also learn about three famous trees: The Survivor Tree, The Oldest Parisian Tree and The Marylebone …

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Nov 13

Experiencing The New Phenomena: Voluntouring

While many churches have participated in mission trips similar to volunteer vacations and the Peace Corps has existed since 1960, it’s only since disasters like September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, and the Thailand Tsunami that voluntouring has heightened in popularity. What Volunteer Vacations Entail Instead of traditional holidays, more and more people are taking a volunteer …

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Jan 27

The 10 Best Places on Earth to Swim With Sharks

Many people create lists of things they want to do in life and for many adventurous types, one of those things is swimming with sharks. In this article we will provide a run-down of the best ten places on earth to swim with sharks.   1) Bimini Island, Bahamas The Bimini Island has been the home …

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Jan 17

Going Green? 5 Films That Will Inspire You

To go green is a decision with a complex process of transformation. Having an inspiration helps because it serves as a wake-up call, eye-opener, and something that feeds your passion. It also informs and helps set the tone of your transformation. I hope you find your inspiration from this short list of films. They are …

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Dec 19

Review: “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” by Mare Cromwell

I like to read and learn new perspectives on things, especially about our planet, so I was very interested when Mare Cromwell, the author of “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”, sent me a copy of her book to review. This book details thirteen messages Mother Earth has for the planet. She shares this knowledge with a young woman …

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Dec 13

Infographic: Sustainable Technology and Rare Earth Elements

How many mobile phones have you owned over the past ten years?  The answer to this question is no doubt more than one, especially if you have a mobile contract that allows for an annual upgrade.  But have you ever wondered what you are throwing away when you discard an old phone? There are 17 …

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Sep 09

How to Support the Green Movement Beyond the Three R’s

The three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) are the starting block for those that want to go green and support the green movement. These three activities are, in themselves, very beneficial to a single person and grow exponentially as others join in the process but over time there is only so much you can do in …

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