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May 10

Your Business Can Go Green: Here’s How

Did you know that an eco-friendly business could mean a more profitable business?  Huge companies like Tesco, Unilever and Toyota are making a commitment to be greener as they have realised that being an environmentally-friendly business can actually have an impact on their profitability. Win-win! Here’s a closer look at how your business can benefit …

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May 10

Making Your Business’s Delivery More Eco-Friendly

Environmental concerns, efficiency and cost savings all share a lot of common ground; you can’t have one of the three without at least part of the other two. For businesses looking to ‘green up’ and become more efficient, it doesn’t take a huge amount of thought. Taking a close look at how eco-friendly your company’s …

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Apr 13

How to Create a Pebble Based Driveway That Won’t Break the Budget

Are you looking to amp up your home’s curb appeal? Are you tired of your house looking like every other one on the block? People often jump to the conclusion that they need to add landscaping features, patios, and porches, but did you know that you can make some cosmetic changes to your driveway that …

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Mar 16

5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

In recent years the topic of green economy and eco-friendliness among businesses has become a very sensitive one. With each passing day it is becoming more and more imperative that businesses, especially restaurants, become greener and more sustainable. Low impact gastronomy is actually not only possible but also preferred by many chefs across the world …

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Dec 20

Converted Your Home To Run Greener? Now Convert Your Friends!

Credit   When you’re talking about living a greener life, the word “convert” comes up on a semi-regular basis. You convert to driving a more fuel-efficient car, or to using microfiber cloths instead of kitchen towel. You may convert your home power to run from more sustainable sources. It can all begin to sound a …

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Oct 14

Two of the UK’s Greenest Cities

Historically cities have been associated with industrialism and the pollution they produce, which was once an accurate association. Today there seems to have been a dramatic transformation in a lot of UK cities green initiatives and efforts to rid this association. Many green initiatives and environmentally friendly solutions have developed over the years and I …

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Aug 09

After Going Green: Promoting Your Business’s New Image

You have taken some important steps to make your business greener. You understand the benefits of a green business and can’t wait to experience them. However, you know that one of the bonuses is having your customers know all about your practices. Many of them will appreciate that you try to run your business in …

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Jun 03

Eco-Friendly Backyard Fire Fun

One of the best parts of summer is sitting around a campfire. Whether you’re roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with the family or just catching up with old friends, campfires bring people together. I built a fire pit in my front yard a couple years ago, and we’ve had great times around it. But recently, …

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Mar 02

Green Car Care Tips

Now, more so than ever before, families everywhere are striving to green their routines. In efforts to cut down on carbon emission, waste, and overall harmful habits, in order to protect and further preserve out fragile planet.  While recycling materials such as plastic and aluminum are great ways to do this, your efforts don’t need …

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Dec 09

How to Go Green at Work – Staying Eco, Sticking to a Budget at Watching the Bottom Line

Any business venture you enter into always comes down to the bottom line. Whether you’re self-employed or part of a team at the office, your company’s profits are directly impacted by your expenses. If you’re looking to keep your expenses to an absolute minimum, the best place to start is by looking at your energy …

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Nov 03

Eco-Friendly Islands That You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

The concept of “Living Green” or “Green Living” can be very overwhelming to some of us. There are many people who feel weak in their knees the moment someone discusses about sustainable living. However, in reality, coming to think of it, living green doesn’t require you to have a degree in environmentalism or organic farming. …

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Oct 19

Bicycles Can Save the Environment—a Buying Guide for Beginners

Environmentalists pushed the use of bicycles compared to other modes of transportation because it do not produce air pollution and harmful emissions, unlike motor vehicles that are responsible for 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions and 80 percent of carbon monoxide emissions. A bicycle can be an affordable outlet for recreation and a stress-free approach …

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