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Jul 27

Hybrids vs Diesel Engine Cars : Which is More Eco Friendly?

It is generally unquestioned that hybrid car models are invariably good for the environment. They run, at least part time, on electric energy. How could that not be a good thing? On the other hand, diesel cars are almost vilified as being inherently against the planet. Diesel engine cars, as they run exclusively on gas …

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Feb 19

Infographic: Types of Green Cars

This infographic details the types of environmentally friendly cars. From electric cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen cars and solar cars. Included is news on these types of green cars. Also, ways to make an impact even with a non-green car. Source:

Jul 24

Eminent Questions To Answer Before Choosing The Reliable Quotes For ECO Cars

While planning to focus towards electric cars, it means that you will land up with some money saving opportunities. These vehicles are exempt from the tax along with congestion charges. On top of all these saving options, you can also get in hold of the cheaper versions of car insurance. The cover cost is solely …

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Jun 04

Infographic: Environmentally Friendly Car Guide

June 5th is “World Environment Day”. Below is an infographic based around Environmentally Friendly Cars, highlighting the fact that car emissions are the biggest cause of environmental pollution and some ways in which to help prevent this. It also discusses the benefits of using eco-friendly cars which emit less pollution as compared to the traditional cars, while …

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Jan 23

The 2014 Prius Plug-in: What to Know

The 2014 Toyota Prius plug-in has changed little since the previous year’s model, but the one thing consumers will find in this hybrid is a lower price. In order to entice buyers, Toyota slashed the MSRP from almost $35,000 to $29,990. If you want the loaded model, expect to pay $34,905. Save money by taking …

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Jan 20

Ford Unveils a Solar-powered Concept Car

Ford has been developing alternative fuel vehicles for years, and is now offering several electric and hybrid models, including the Focus EV, the C-Max Hybrid, and the Fusion Hybrid. Lately, the automaker has been trying to develop a solar-powered vehicle, and has managed to build a concept that could become a production vehicle in the …

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Dec 13

Hybrid Cars Popular Among Older Demographic

The interest in green vehicles among the younger population is a well-established fact. It’s pretty clear that young drivers like hybrids and electric cars because they help them save a lot of money on gas, and they are much more eco-friendly than gasoline-powered cars. Generation Y is far more environmentally conscious than the Baby Boomer …

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Nov 14

Hybrid vs Full On Electric Cars

The electric vehicle market has been growing at a pretty fast rate in the past few years, mainly thanks to high gas prices and government incentives. Electric car sales have even surpassed hybrid vehicle sales, which used to be the best-selling alternative fuel vehicles for a long time, before the first affordable all-electric vehicles were …

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Oct 23

Can a Car Have Guts AND Be Green?

When most people imagine a green car, the last image they usually perceive from such vehicles is that of performance. The image of the diminutive machine barely capable of getting out of its own way, once personified by hybrid and electric cars like GM’s EV-1 and the Toyota Prius, has fallen by the wayside in …

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Oct 10

Range Rover Silk Trail Trek

Land Rover unveiled the Range Rover Hybrid at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. They are a bit late to the green vehicle game, as this is their first ever production hybrid, while most major car manufacturers have been making hybrids and electric cars for a couple of years now. Be that as it may, the …

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Sep 30

Common Ways to Bring Green Tech Into Your Day to Day Life

What exactly is green technology? You probably think of things like the solar or geothermal energy products, LED lights and monitors, or even electric and hybrid vehicles. But green technology encompasses more than just the big items. It’s a loose term than can be applied to any sustainable product or service that helps the environment …

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Apr 09

9 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Car From Killing Mother Nature

Cars are some of the most absurdly fantastic and complex marvels of modern engineering that the world has ever seen. Think about. First off, they’re able to glide on four rubber circles that somehow perpetually roll downhill, convert dead organic material into fire and then fire into energy, and as a result of this process, …

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