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Dec 16

Biological Plastics – Could They Be the Green Alternative For Oil Based Plastics

In the current world, everyone is looking for ways to conserve the environment. Even companies are looking for better alternatives that will reduce their carbon print. One way is by finding alternatives in plastic production. Plastics are produced using oil based products, and they are not biodegradable. As a result, they are a threat to …

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Dec 03

Saving Money on Renewables: How Is It Done?

Investing in green business is often a great way to save money and make money. Whether you take green initiatives for your company or work directly with renewable energy, you can actively help to improve the planet too. Unfortunately, the initial cost of anything to do with green energy can also be high. Although you …

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Nov 17

There’s No Business Like Eco-Business – Building a Sustainable Brand

The future of business lies in a colour – green. And you need to make sure you head down this path as soon as you can. Green business is the future, and you’ve got to make sure you build a more sustainable brand. So, here are some of the ideas you can use to help …

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Oct 19

5 Ways Civil Engineers Are Going Green

With the threat of climate change and its consequences looming larger every day, professionals in every industry are looking to go green. Civil engineers are no exception. Civil Engineers are involved in the construction and design of new buildings that we all live and work in and therefore have a huge impact on all of …

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Oct 06

Green Transportation: 5 Ways Electric Cars Help Save The Environment

Fossil fuels are bad for the environment, but people are only going to stop using them when they have good alternatives. Electric cars are precisely the kind of alternative that can help people transition to green fuel sources. They can do a lot of different things to protect nature, which is one of the biggest …

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Oct 03

Tips for Becoming an Environmentally-Conscious Business Professional

In this day and age, our environmental impact has become something not only of serious concern for us all, but something that we must start changing now. Our impact on the earth has increased exponentially just in the last few decades, and the negative effects that we have created have had extensive and even unanticipated …

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Jul 22

5 Renewable Energy Sources to Watch Out For

The world has turned its attention to the preservation of planet Earth. With climate changes and the short supply of finite resources like wood and crude oil, humanity is tasked with figuring out how to harness another type of energy. Aside from controversial nuclear power, renewable energy can be harnessed through the elements while minimally …

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Jun 06

Which Renewable Energy Source is Right for Your Home?

Image link   Using a renewable energy source for your home is an excellent way to be greener. It can reduce your carbon footprint and perhaps save you money by reducing your energy bills. The question is, which energy source is best for you? Every home and individual is better suited to different types of …

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Jan 27

Green Energy and its Benefits

Green or renewable energy is the hottest topic nowadays all around the world. This green energy, also known as solar, wind or hydroelectric energy, is beneficial for us in many respects. First of all, it is called “green” because it does not have side effects and is good for our health. Secondly, since this type …

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Jan 23

How Science Is Improving Our Impact on the Environment

It is undisputed that technology has contributed to the degradation of the environment. For example, the mining of coal strips the land of natural ecosystems, such as forests. The use of coal and oil for energy and transportation leads to depletion of resources, pollution, and global warming. Inefficient agricultural use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides …

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Dec 31

Oil Independence and Domestic Resources

Energy independence is always a popular political topic. Much of the United States’ fear about energy dependence is derived from past oil crises in the 1960s and 1970s. The images of never-ending lines at gas stations remained burned into many people’s memory. It’s important to remember that the petroleum industry is a highly complex, globally …

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Dec 27

One Hundred Percent: The Global Push to Go Totally Green

The global push to go totally green is slowly gaining momentum around the world, and many countries are leading the way by producing the majority of their energy from clean, renewable sources. A decade ago, the idea of a totally green planet seemed like a subject for science fiction writers, but huge advances in renewable …

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