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May 02

3 Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home

If you want to save money on your electricity bill you can take some time to carry out an electricity comparison. You can also act to reduce your carbon footprint, which helps to take care of the environment as well as saving you money. Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon compounds, including carbon …

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Dec 23

5 Greatest Solar Energy Myths

Solar energy is the renewable, inexhaustible electrical energy that is created by converting sunlight into electricity using photovoltaics cells. And, unlike fossil fuels, which right now are the most popular sources of energy, solar energy doesn’t produce any pollution, while it is being generated, and is sustainable. Despite that, many people still have doubts about …

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Oct 19

Opting To Make Your Affordable Solar Installation

The rate of electricity consumption has gone up in almost every part of the world. Increased demand for electricity has had a domino effect. It has led to increased consumption, leading to higher energy bills for households. Affordable solar installations have emerged as a viable solution to bring those spiraling energy bills down. Ever since …

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Sep 23

Cut the Cord: 6 Tips For Lowering Energy Use In Your Home

There are very good reasons why many homeowners are choosing to go green. Beyond people’s moral obligations to help preserve the environment and curb pollution, a green home can also help lead to a very inexpensive home. If you are able to lower your energy use, you can obviously lower your bills each and every …

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Jul 15

Going Off-Grid: How To Turn The Idea Into Reality With Some Powerful Strategies

It’s no secret that everyone relies on third-party service providers for energy and water. All modern homes are connected to “the grid” and have power, water and waste disposal on demand. The trouble is, with such reliance on those services, what would we do if they no longer existed? One obvious fact is that the …

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Apr 20

Making A Green Home Greener

When the 2008 recession hit, it hit hard and affected just about everyone. We saw the housing bubble burst, stocks went down and many people lost their jobs. Eight years later, it is safe to say we have collectively recovered from that economic downturn and we are prospering once again. With that in mind, the …

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Mar 11

Eco-Living In The Countryside

image   When we think about eco-living, it doesn’t get any better than heading to the countryside. Living in a rural part of the world gives you a better opportunity to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. You can live off the land by cultivating your own vegetables. It’s easier to collect your own water, and …

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Jan 29

Power Shortages Due In 2015

There was an interesting news article I read a few years ago warning the UK that they would have major power shortages and outages in 2015, this was according the power regulation Ofgem. Reading further into news reports it is clear that this is not just limited to the UK, many countries are using up …

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Dec 15

Infographic: Solar Energy Celebrity

Renewable energy has been a hot topic in recent years. We regularly see content in the media related to the issue of climate change around the world and how it will inevitably affect us all. We have seen many erratic changes to weather patterns and there have been a number of related natural disasters. Weather …

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Nov 19

What if a Solar Panel Becomes a Sunflower?

One of the most serious problems linked to solar energy application is panels’ efficiency in converting solar energy. A photovoltaic panel, is, effectively, a static object which produces electric energy from the sunlight. As a consequence, a panel which can follow the sun on his daily change of positions, can clearly increase its power output. …

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Oct 27

Why Solar Power Is Cooler Than You Think

You probably know all there is to know about domestic solar panels, and kudos to you if you’ve already installed these clever photovoltaic cells on your roof, as you’re totally doing your bit to reduce CO2 and conserve energy (not to mention the money you’re saving on energy bills). There are plenty of other ways …

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Jun 25

Can Your Roof Save the Planet?

Now I’ve never been on the Family Feud, but I can guarantee that if you ask one-hundred people what the best way to save money on household energy costs is, you’ll see close to the following breakdown: About 50 of them will say windows and making sure they’re not leaking hot or cold. Another 20-25 …

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