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Sep 23

10 Energy Saving Myths that Could be Costing Your Business Money

When it comes to energy bills, we all want to save money and feel we’re doing the right thing for the environment, but there are certain energy-saving myths which fool the best of us. The industry Pump specialists over at Anchor Pumps, have outlined 10 energy saving myths that could be costing your business. 1. …

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Apr 20

Making A Green Home Greener

When the 2008 recession hit, it hit hard and affected just about everyone. We saw the housing bubble burst, stocks went down and many people lost their jobs. Eight years later, it is safe to say we have collectively recovered from that economic downturn and we are prospering once again. With that in mind, the …

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May 06

Tips for Making Your Diet More Eco Friendly

Living responsibly in a way that helps to preserve the planet is no doubt something that is important to most of us, which leads to us making lots of changes in our life styles to help save the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. A huge part of our life style that sometimes gets forgotten …

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Aug 11

Freecycling: Giving Away Instead Of Throwing Away

What is exactly is freecycling? It is when someone gives away an unwanted item, for free, to another person. That item could be anything from tools to appliances. So instead of throwing things away to sit in landfills, you can give them away to someone who needs them. You weren’t expecting money anyway for something …

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Jan 20

Going Green in a Rented Home

Whilst not having to suffer the burden of a mortgage weighing heavily over your head, living in rented accommodation can be truly frustrating. There is a sometimes overwhelming sense that you do not have complete freedom within your dwellings and are having to live by rules and standards set by another party. One of the …

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Jan 06

5 Ways to Make the Roof of Your Home More Energy Efficient

As many of us are becoming more energy efficient, it’s totally understandable why almost daily, we find ourselves looking for ways to minimize the amount of electricity that we use so that we can save money on our energy bills. Some of these things include purchasing double-pane windows and getting appliances that come with the …

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Nov 07

Your Green Home: Five Tips for Saving Money and Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

Homes today can have large carbon footprints that affect the environment and reduce air quality in neighborhoods. Shrinking the size of this footprint means lowering energy use and consuming fewer resources. Implementing these five tips will help to decrease the footprint of a home and save money every month. Replace Old Insulation Insulation reduces energy …

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Oct 29

Going Green: Five Ways To Update Your Home And Save Money On Your Utilities

Utility bills tend to be a large monthly expense that can be reduced with a few simple steps. Utility bills may always be eating up a significant portion of your paycheck, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need to move or rebuild your home. All you need to do is to …

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Oct 10

Kitchen Improvement Project – Things You Need To Get A Green Kitchen With Eco-Friendly Appliances

As stated by the US Department of Energy Statistics, kitchen equipment and lighting consume around 40% or more of a home’s total power usage. When you add other basic kitchen appliances like air conditioners and heaters, lessening the energy usage and cost and enhancing its efficiency and conservation must be well prioritized. In every kitchen …

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May 30

Best Practices For Going Green With Your Heating And Cooling

going green with your heating and cooling

Now is the time to go green. If you were ever wondering if it was worth your time, money, and thought, then you should know that the answer is simple. Yes. Yes, you should be adjusting your life to go green in as many ways as possible. The levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere …

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May 24

Green Living 101: 5 Tips to Installing Eco-friendly Appliances in the Home

green_doorway-eco-friendly appliances

Being eco-friendly is a concern for a lot of people these days, for many different reasons. Some people feel that it is their turn to help out the environment and make sure that energy is conserved. Others are simply looking for a way to save money. Being eco-friendly is probably one of the best ways …

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Mar 22

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

energy efficient home

Ever known that right in your own home, you can save money and conserve energy? It’s actually very easy and you’ll most likely be amazed at how much money you can actually save just by following a few energy saving tips. Some tips given might require a little extra effort while others will require you …

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