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Jul 22

12 Tips for Combating Climate Change in the City

Worried about the environment? Concerned about climate change? These are huge issues. What can a one person do? A lot. Take action to tackle environmental problems and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, even if you’re on the 12th floor of a city high rise. Many small steps from many people add up. Water, Water Everywhere …

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Feb 25

Harvesting Honey for Food Storage

So, you’ve got all of your essential equipment, selected a hive design and breed, and have found the perfect place to set up you own little apiary. You’re making some real progress, and once the summer starts to draw to a close and your colony has had time to build up their stores, you’ll finally …

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Apr 11

Natural Pest Control Methods for Bees

When the weather warms up, bees wake from their winter slumber. Natural pest control companies find that the most troublesome types of stinging insects are yellow jackets, paper wasps and hornets. Honeybees, on the other hand, are docile and need protection. The best form of residential pest control for bees is prevention, which is simple …

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