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Sep 10

The Top Health Issues for America’s Aging Population

All around the world, humanity is aging at an unprecedented rate, and the United States is no exception. Right now, around 13 percent of the population is made up of men and women over age 65. By 2020, that will rise to 30 percent, and by 2050, the elderly will officially outnumber children for the …

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Aug 28

Simple and Easy To Follow Tips To Help Anyone With Kidney Disease Stay Positive

So your doctor has just laid the news on you and revealed that you are indeed suffering with kidney disease. You’re shaking with fear and have no idea what the future has in store for you, and whether or not you’ll ever be healthy again. You begin talking to all these so called kidney disease …

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Apr 02

5 Health Risks That Require Early Detection

We all like to believe we know what our bodies are up to. Many of us exercise, eat right and feel good about ourselves. However, what we see on the surface isn’t always what is real. There are many health risks below the skin that don’t always give indication. Most of these conditions won’t create …

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Mar 19

Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Garden

Gardening… it seems like a no-brainer way to reduce your environmental impact and actually create something sustainable, something of the land. But, the truth is, most gardens are less than eco-friendly. The pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are among the biggest perpetrators of a less-than-eco-friendly garden world. Even the type of mulch you use in your …

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