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Aug 07

5 of the Most Powerful Medicinal Plants

Modern Western medicine is said to be among the best available in the world. And who could argue? Advances made in surgical procedures, trauma treatment and infectious disease control are nothing short of miraculous. But there are also some downsides to modern medicine. Medications are often used as an intervention to treat the symptoms of …

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Sep 18

Natural and Healthy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

All too often, we remedy our colds, flus, and other irritating illnesses well after they’ve introduced themselves, and our bodies have to essentially play catch-up, aided by the help of chemicals or artificial remedies that aren’t so great for your body and its immune system in the first place. Rather, there are many ways that …

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Aug 28

5 Natural Cold Remedies

The common cold is a tough illness to contract, for reasons beyond the fact that we still haven’t developed a sure-fire cure yet. Colds can be strong enough to incapacitate us, but don’t always feel like they’re serious enough to warrant strong medication, especially for those that don’t tend to enjoy more chemically-oriented solutions to …

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