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Mar 16

5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

In recent years the topic of green economy and eco-friendliness among businesses has become a very sensitive one. With each passing day it is becoming more and more imperative that businesses, especially restaurants, become greener and more sustainable. Low impact gastronomy is actually not only possible but also preferred by many chefs across the world …

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Oct 06

Green Transportation: 5 Ways Electric Cars Help Save The Environment

Fossil fuels are bad for the environment, but people are only going to stop using them when they have good alternatives. Electric cars are precisely the kind of alternative that can help people transition to green fuel sources. They can do a lot of different things to protect nature, which is one of the biggest …

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Mar 15

Forget Your Footprint, Think About Your Eco-Tire Track

It doesn’t matter how much energy you put into saving the environment in your personal life. You can fix solar panels to the roof of your home and only buy LED light bulbs to save on power. You can get a whole bunch of electronic gizmos for your house that are energy friendly. You can …

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Mar 02

Green Car Care Tips

Now, more so than ever before, families everywhere are striving to green their routines. In efforts to cut down on carbon emission, waste, and overall harmful habits, in order to protect and further preserve out fragile planet.  While recycling materials such as plastic and aluminum are great ways to do this, your efforts don’t need …

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Dec 02

Infographic: GreenHab the Office

Did you know that a toner cartridge for your office printer could take roughly 1,000 years to decompose?  Recycling 100,000 toner cartridges saves 9,599 kilograms of aluminum, 40 tons of plastic and 1,000,000 liters of soil. Toner cartridges are just one item that you can start recycling today. Take some time to look around your …

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Mar 20

Benefits of the New EPA Vehicle Emission Standards

On March 3, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that it plans to enact a new rule that will impose stricter vehicle emission standards, in an effort to reduce air pollution from cars and trucks. The rule has been dubbed Tier 3, and will go into effect on January, 2017. The EPA hopes that the …

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Aug 06

Difficult Choice: Hybrid or Electric Car?

Considering that gas prices have been quite high in recent years, and are likely to go even higher in future, it’s no surprise that demand for hybrid and electric cars, which are more fuel-efficient than conventional cars, has increased significantly in recent years. This is despite the fact that hybrid and electric cars cost more …

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Jul 25

Infographic: Bringing the World Back to Zero

The infographic below details carbon emissions used in households and forms of travel and ways you can do your part. How big is your carbon footprint?

Jul 11

How Telematics is Reducing Car Emissions

With climate change already showing its effects with increases in hurricanes and floods, it’s time for everyone to cut down their personal emissions. Motoring makes up a significant chunk of total CO2 and other climate changing causing emissions, so has rightly been an area where many have looked for solutions. Viable electric cars have been …

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Jul 01

Infographic: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Your Event

This infographic details some interesting facts relating to the environmental impact of holding events, such as the London Olympics which generated 3.4m tonnes of CO2 emissions which requires 6,800,000 trees to be planted to replace the damage caused to the environment. It also provides some useful tips on how you can ensure that your event is …

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Mar 18

How Video Technology Is Leading The Way In The Green Tech Category And Where The Industry Is Headed

Defying time and space, business professionals from multiple cities and far-flung countries look at each other face-to-face, chatting and sharing ideas while never leaving their personal zip codes.  That in itself is marvelous, but a greater marvel of video technology is the reduced strain on the environment. Video conferencing, which has steadily grown more popular …

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Dec 13

Saying Goodbye to Standby – Top Tips for Cutting Energy Bills and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Photo Credit: Smig44_UK Whether you’re looking to go green to prevent the severe damage that carbon emissions is causing the environment, or simply want to save a great deal of money on the constantly increasing energy bills, look no further than your own home for the perfect starting point. Recent research by uSwitch suggests that …

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