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Apr 06

7 Ways to Go Green in Your Bedroom

The space you spend a third of your life in! Your very own personal sanctuary of calm and relaxation. Your bedroom should be a haven of peace. So how exactly do you achieve this? The answer lies in opting for green and sustainable methods. Here are ways to achieve this:   Houseplants Imagine waking up …

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Aug 18

Tips for Updating Your Kitchen Room

Although you can remodel your kitchen at any time during the year, for some reason many people choose to do so once the summer is in full swing. Perhaps it’s because there’s a little more time available in your schedule during the summer. Regardless, as one of the more popular areas in the home, changes …

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Aug 11

Why Companies Should Buy Used Office Furniture as Opposed to New

You are standing in the store, pondering whether or not to pick up that shiny executive office chair to add to your business. Congratulations – you are halfway there. But before you make that decision, allow me to make a suggestion. When it comes to purchasing office furniture, chances are you are working on a …

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Jul 13

Tips for Selecting Your Patio Furniture

When you select great looking and comfortable wooden patio furniture, it can enhance your outdoor area. When you select a spacious table and chairs that are comfortable, an otherwise ordinary patio is transformed into a real retreat. The right supplier, like, will help you find the right furniture for your needs. Use the following …

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Apr 07

Simple and Unique Bedroom Décor Ideas

A bedroom is not just somewhere you sleep. Bedrooms are the most private places in any house. Your bedroom is a place where you seek refuge and leave the demands of your everyday routine outside. This is where you find solitude, silence and also peace and relaxation time, especially if you have kids running around …

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Dec 23

How to Go Green with your Very Own Home-Made Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Having had the warmest Christmas in living memory, you may now be wondering about when it’s best to start spring cleaning your home. While it may be a little early to start cleaning in earnest, cleaning your home little by little now will save you a massive job come March. If you’re looking to get …

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Jan 12

3 Eco-Friendly Tips for Furnishing Your Garden

Everyone dreams about turning their outdoors into something more than a beautiful sight – on hot summer days, nothing beats getting out on a patio setting and being able to comfortably spend time in the garden with your family. But throwing together a few plastic chairs just won’t cut it – a garden is a …

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Oct 28

Three Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

If you’re environmentally conscious, one of the issues that is likely to be pressing on your mind is deforestation. When you know that over 36 football fields-worth of forest are destroyed every single minute, it’s difficult to imagine how anybody could support such action. Yet despite this, wood is one of the best materials to …

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Jan 30

Why Recycling Might Be the Best Option When Updating Your Old Office Furniture

Office furniture and equipment can get a lot of hard use in a short space of time and as a consequence, many companies look to upgrade their furniture and equipment on a fairly frequent basis. Rather than simply disposing of unwanted items and furniture, it makes sense to try and get as much of it …

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Jan 20

The Environmental Benefits of Wooden Fittings in the Home

Whilst certain materials flit in and out of fashion over the years, there are certain furnishing types that are timeless such as wooden fittings. Wooden installations can complement both traditional style properties and even the most modern looking builds alike with its stylish simplicity and almost regal elegance. Furthermore, there are significant environmental benefits attached …

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Jan 20

Going Green in a Rented Home

Whilst not having to suffer the burden of a mortgage weighing heavily over your head, living in rented accommodation can be truly frustrating. There is a sometimes overwhelming sense that you do not have complete freedom within your dwellings and are having to live by rules and standards set by another party. One of the …

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Dec 31

5 Ways for College Students to Be Environmentally Friendly on Campus

Living on a college campus means that everything is easy to access and convenient. Too often this convenience leads students to become wasteful and thoughtless about their impact on the environment. Instead of producing more garbage and wasting energy, consider taking a green approach. Here are 5 ways for college students to be environmentally friendly …

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