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Mar 03

Waste Gasification – What it is

In a nutshell, it is basically a process for converting garbage into fuel and electricity without having to incinerate it. Obviously this is a big step forward, both as far as clean technology and sustainable energy is concerned because incineration usually tends to lead to the release of immensely toxic chemicals and the world seems …

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Jan 10

How Paving Stones Can Be Manufactured From Waste Plastic

Quite the innovative solution to the growing problem of a gloomy future with all of us being smothered by heaps of plastic. The problem of too much plastic being used has been ongoing for quite a while now, especially in the region of Sub-Saharan Africa where literally millions of plastic items are improperly disposed of …

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Jun 12

7 Tips to Cooking Green

When summer comes around I always think of hot days and outdoor grilling. However I think we do not stay as green as we would like when we cook. Cooking and preparing food can take up a big chunk of our garbage and electricity bill. Here are a few ways to cook and stay green …

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Oct 10

How to Dispose Garbage in an Eco-friendly Manner

Garbage disposal is often seen as a process of getting rid of the unusable or dirty item in your household or commercial spaces. But it is not that simple to get rid of it as if it doesn’t be properly disposed it will come back to haunt you in the form of affecting the environment …

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