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May 10

Proven Strategies To Deal With Low Testosterone Levels

Do you feel like you are lack testosterone? Ever wonder what are the symptoms that go hand in hand with a decrease in testosterone? Do you constantly try to increase your T levels but fail to the ground? If you are dealing with low testosterone and have no clue what to do about it, let …

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Apr 20

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Ice Cold Water Therapy

Some people enjoy bathing in warm water while drifting off in their thoughts. Others prefer a good old fashioned refresher to start the day. For those who prefer hot showers and baths, it’s time to consider switching the dial over to cold. Besides its refreshing quality, cold showers can be instrumental for your overall health …

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Sep 28

Are You Fed Up of Dry Hair? Here are the Tips to Treat Dry Hair

Having a dry and frizzled hair could give a lot of struggles and problems since having a healthy and bouncy hair is a must to complete our outfit and appearance. Everyday use of heating and styling tools, constant hair color and exposure to the sun could lead to dry hair. Fret no more though; the …

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May 06

Eco Friendly Ways To Deal With Oil Spills

It was not so long ago that the country watched in stunned silence as a BP oil rig exploded and millions of gallons of oil spilled into the ocean. We watched as the blue sea turned black, as experts from all over the world converged to find a solution to the oil well. And we …

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Jan 10

Green and Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair

If you’re looking to give yourself a little bit more of a sunny disposition, there are a lot of ways to go about doing it. Adding a touch of sunshine to your hair is one of them, but you have your choice as to how you want to go about doing it. If you really …

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Dec 18

5 Eco Friendly Hair Care Tips

Keeping your hair healthy the eco-friendly way can seem almost impossible. Store aisles are packed with chemical shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that can pollute both your hair and our environment. However, there are lots of great alternative ways to keep your hair looking its best without taking a toll on our ecosystems. Try some …

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Nov 15

Naturally Beautiful Hair and Skin Tricks With Apple Cider Vinegar

When you’re on the couch sitting in front of the television or thumbing through one of your favorite magazines, there’s no telling how many ads you see that you try to market products that claim will help to give you long, shiny hair and beautifully glowing skin. Yet, did you know that you probably already …

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Sep 27

Easy and Natural Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster

Having a long, thick, silky head of hair like you see on Pantene commercials is nearly every woman’s secret desire. While most of us have resigned ourselves to short, wash-and-go styles that suit our busy lives, or we have had to contend with thinning hair to do age or other factors, most of us would …

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Aug 07

Organic Beauty Products

There is no reason that your personal beauty and the beauty and health of the planet should be mutually exclusive. To the contrary – there are countless ways to make yourself feel and look your best without doing harm to the environment you love and enjoy. Below are a number of easy do-it-yourself projects for …

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Jul 03

Natural and Organic Ways to Combat Hair Loss

No matter who you are: woman or man, young or old, shallow or not, hair loss can be an embarrassing physical change to experience. Everyone lusts after thick and luxurious heads of hair or else there wouldn’t be thousands and thousands of products, tools, and methods solely dedicated to changing the way our hair looks. …

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