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Mar 08

Three Reasons Heat Pumps are the Future of Energy Efficient Heating

In the past you’d be hard pressed to find a home that didn’t have a oil-heater or furnace running during the winter. While these methods of warming homes worked well in providing a heated environment, they used an immense amount of energy. With the increasingly urgent need for energy saving ideology to be implemented into …

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Jun 25

Clean, Green Home Energy Solutions

Today, with dwindling fossil fuel supplies and overwhelming evidence of the harm burning them does to our environment, we increasingly look to renewable energy forms as the answer. Many of the world’s governments have set long and short-term targets for reducing carbon emissions but there is also much that we, as individuals, can do. Homes …

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Nov 10

Guest Post: Generate Your Own Electricity to Live a Greener Life

If you’re keen to go green, generating your own electricity is a fantastic way of achieving this goal and doing your bit to help the environment. Anyone who often sits on their sofa beds in the living room worrying about their energy bills could have their minds put at ease if they choose to produce …

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