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May 05

How To Reduce Your Home Wastage For A Happier Planet

The home can be a substantial source of environmental waste. From food and water to things like electricity and heating gas, the average household could do much better at preventing excessive waste. We produce enormous amounts of waste at home each year. In fact, in only the first four months of this year, there has …

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Jan 06

How Using a Wood Stove to Heat Your Home Can Save You Money and the Environment Harm

Heating your home is something that is essential for everyday living and has become a routine and taken for granted part of living in the comfort of the modern world. However, after many years of living with the convenience albeit increasing expense of a gas fire, I heard about wood burning alternatives, that are not …

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Oct 14

Two of the UK’s Greenest Cities

Historically cities have been associated with industrialism and the pollution they produce, which was once an accurate association. Today there seems to have been a dramatic transformation in a lot of UK cities green initiatives and efforts to rid this association. Many green initiatives and environmentally friendly solutions have developed over the years and I …

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Aug 18

District Heating & Cooling – a Glimpse into Sheffield’s Energy Network

For those of you who haven’t already heard, District Heating & Cooling has become one of the greenest solutions to distribute heat, hot water and cooling. The technology has been around quite some time now, dating back to the 80s, but it is becoming celebrated more and more, with facts and figures showing the green …

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Jun 09

The Advantages That Come With Using Radiant Home Heat

The last thing that any small homeowner wants to do is to be cold during the winter months. In order to avoid being cold, a homeowner will need to make sure that they have the best possible heating methods in place. Finding the right heating methods will take a bit of time and research on …

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Dec 09

How to Go Green at Work – Staying Eco, Sticking to a Budget at Watching the Bottom Line

Any business venture you enter into always comes down to the bottom line. Whether you’re self-employed or part of a team at the office, your company’s profits are directly impacted by your expenses. If you’re looking to keep your expenses to an absolute minimum, the best place to start is by looking at your energy …

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Oct 27

How to Choose an Air Conditioner That’s Eco-Friendly

If you are like many people, you are probably concerned about your carbon footprint and annoyed by skyrocketing power bills. Air conditioning in general is often implicated as being inefficient and power hungry, but numerous options are available that dramatically reduce the environmental impact. As each person’s home, budget, and cooling needs are different, there …

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Feb 23

Different Types of Cast Iron Radiators and What Style Goes With What Theme of Room

Cast iron radiators make any room warm and cosy. Over the years designers have improved upon their performance, and now manufacturers offer several design selections, combining function and style. From simplicity to elegance, there are many to choose from. Homeowners, contractors, and interior design consultants can find the perfect radiator for any room, apartment, or …

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Feb 11

How to Piece Together the Perfect Outdoor Area

When your aim is true for the perfect outdoor space you may get your visions slightly jumbled. You think that you want some things, you know that you can’t live without other things, but your whole picture just seems to not be adding up as you’d like. There are some clear steps in order for …

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Sep 22

External Solid Wall Insulation Will Save You Money

External solid wall insulation is one of the most effective ways of reducing your heating bills if your home has solid walls. Homes built before 1924 would have solid walls. According to the March 2014 UK Government report there are 8 million homes in the UK that have solid walls. However, only 257,000 (3%) of …

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Apr 02

Infographic: Green and Efficient Warehousing

The infographic below details how a warehouse can be more efficient and be greener. Learn steps to an energy efficient warehouse and how to save money doing it. Also, learn about induction lighting and what it can do to improve warehouse efficiency. Source:

Feb 03

Greener Living: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Off-Grid Ready

Living off the grid is one of the greenest ways to live. In a modern world – where being on the grid is often the only to live – going off of it can seem like insanity. However, wouldn’t you want to eliminate your carbon footprint? Wouldn’t you want to get back to basics? When …

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