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Oct 19

Key Steps On How To Create A Beautiful Garden Full Of Colour

The best gardens are the ones that make people comfortable and happy. It must also appeal to our senses. So, if you are planning to make your garden beautiful and appealing, but don’t know how to start, here are some key steps on how to create a beautiful garden full of color. The best season …

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Aug 23

Looking to Repair Hormone Imbalances? Nature Has the Answers

You’ve probably heard the phrases, “testosterone-fuelled” or “estrogen-fuelled” a good many times. These phrases refer to the typical behavior that men and women display. While you do know that testosterone gives you masculine traits and estrogen provides the feminine features, few people are aware that these hormones do a lot more than that. Besides these …

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Feb 01

5 Herbs Every Home Garden Should Be Growing

If you’re like me, you’ve gone to the grocery store to buy those small jars of herbs and been shocked by the prices of some of them. Even the herbs that are packaged fresh are expensive, especially when you consider that they don’t last very long once you open the package unless you freeze them …

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Dec 05

The Best Indoor Plants For Wintertime

The cold temperature outside doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful plants inside. In fact, many plants are much easier to care for in the winter than you might think. During winter, you can maintain an herb garden or have big, flowering, blossoms in your home! Read on for the rundown on the best herbs …

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Sep 25

You Can Do Indoor Gardening

If you enjoy nature, consider adding live foliage to your home for either beauty or function. Regardless of your climate, there are lots of plants, herbs, and small produce you can grow indoors. Whether you have potted house plants, widow box herb gardens, or a heat lamp garden, there are many items you can grow …

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Sep 24

10 Steps to a Beautiful Fall Garden

By Peter Walsh for Home Rehab Online Now that fall has arrived, you might be tempted to put away your garden tools and head inside until spring. But if you do, you’ll be missing out on the wonders of the fall garden. Cooler weather coupled with increased rainfall actually reinvigorates plants and trees in your …

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Jul 26

Container Herb Gardens that Boost your Nutrition

Even people with limited space can have a successful herb garden. Fresh herbs are easy to grow and don’t take up much room, and they are packed with nutrition and flavor. They can be grown indoors or out, and are very well suited to growing in pots. Herbs are wonderfully fragrant, inexpensive, simple to maintain, …

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Apr 19

Green Health and Wellness Tips for Your Family

Going green these days has almost become a cliché. But it is a trend worth paying attention to since it moves us toward helping our planet, and ourselves, get healthy again. Just like the planet, our bodies require some help to be its healthiest. Going green takes adjustment so why not get the whole family …

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Sep 13

Product Review: Mountain Rose Herbs West Indies Rub & Grilling Herbs

I was given two items in Mountain Rose Herb’s Epicurean Organics seasonings collection to review. They gave me West Indies Rub and Grilling Herbs. I was anxious to try these two products and give a product review after learning about Mountain Rose Herbs. Mountain Rose Herbs became the first U.S. supplier of Fair Trade Certified …

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