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Jul 31

Environmental Impact of Pet Food

Image Credit: Pixabay   Pet food is a huge part of your life if you have done anything with your own pets. You know that they need specific diets and that you want to take care of all that they are doing as well. That being said, did you ever think that there could be …

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Jul 16

Plastic Identification Codes & Plastic Recycling

You’ve probably noticed on most plastic products a recycling symbol with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 along with letters. So what are these exactly? The SPI resin identification coding system is a set of symbols placed on plastics to identify the polymer type. The symbols used in the code consist of arrows …

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Jun 22

WEEE Recycling Is a Smart Way to Go Green

WEEE recycling

A post by guest blogger Thomas O’Rourke. “Going green” is a powerful way to support the WEEE recycling initiatives of 2005 and the Directive of 2007. While government policy has tried to address the serious problem of e-waste management in the UK, unfortunately, much more needs to be done to successfully contain the 1–2 million …

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