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Sep 14

How New Build Homes Can Go Green

Many industries are becoming greener each year, focusing on sustainable and renewable materials and methods. The housing industry has begun to take note as well, introducing many eco-friendly elements into the construction of new homes. Yet there is still plenty of space for new build homes and the industry to go even greener. Buildings are …

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Jul 31

5 Ways Manufacturers Can Go Green

There are big-name companies doing the right thing by decreasing their pollution while manufacturing their products. All around the world, more companies like ICON slide rail and Metal Stamping — WEISS-AUG are understanding the importance of renewable practices and cleaner energy. Their customers understand this too. Millions of people simply will not buy a product …

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Aug 19

5 Ways The Medical Field Is Going Green

It seems that today there’s no sector that is not going “green” in some aspect or another. Whether it is business, education, housing or even the medical field, the focus is on refocusing all efforts in a green or environmental-friendly initiative of some sort. Although one would tend to think that the medical field is …

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Apr 20

16 Reasons to Switch Over to LED Lighting

Whether you’ve been considering the switch over to LED lighting, or you haven’t been aware of LED lighting as an option, this post is going to hopefully open you up to the benefits and reasons you should start making the switch. This post applies to the homeowner, the business owner, and all related in-between. Illumination …

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Apr 20

Making A Green Home Greener

When the 2008 recession hit, it hit hard and affected just about everyone. We saw the housing bubble burst, stocks went down and many people lost their jobs. Eight years later, it is safe to say we have collectively recovered from that economic downturn and we are prospering once again. With that in mind, the …

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Dec 09

How to Go Green at Work – Staying Eco, Sticking to a Budget at Watching the Bottom Line

Any business venture you enter into always comes down to the bottom line. Whether you’re self-employed or part of a team at the office, your company’s profits are directly impacted by your expenses. If you’re looking to keep your expenses to an absolute minimum, the best place to start is by looking at your energy …

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Nov 16

Ways to Make Your Home Office Environmentally Friendly

Mother Nature seems to be very unhappy these days. The weather has been extra unpredictable– one moment it is hot, the next hour, the rain will be pouring so heavy. There have been earthquakes in different parts of the world, flooding and other natural calamities that would make us wonder about global warming. We cannot …

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Jan 12

3 Eco-Friendly Tips for Furnishing Your Garden

Everyone dreams about turning their outdoors into something more than a beautiful sight – on hot summer days, nothing beats getting out on a patio setting and being able to comfortably spend time in the garden with your family. But throwing together a few plastic chairs just won’t cut it – a garden is a …

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Nov 05

Go Green With LED Lighting Solutions

More people are realizing the benefits of using energy-efficient products. The need to save energy is becoming more important for homeowners and business owners. Buying light emitting diodes (LEDs) is the ideal solution to green lighting. Consumers must understand the environmental and economic benefits of using these LED light technologies. LED lights are designed to …

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Apr 02

Infographic: Green and Efficient Warehousing

The infographic below details how a warehouse can be more efficient and be greener. Learn steps to an energy efficient warehouse and how to save money doing it. Also, learn about induction lighting and what it can do to improve warehouse efficiency. Source:

Mar 03

Keeping the Energy Costs Down in the Classroom

Conserving energy can be more than just helping the environment. It can be about cutting costs around the school and classroom. By reducing your energy bills, there could be more money, when budgeting, to afford some of the other things to improve education. What can be done around the school to help promote greater energy …

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Feb 20

Designing a Naturally-Lit Home

Whether you are redesigning your old home, or you’re just getting a home loan to buy a new one, you can consider this an opportunity to build an eco-friendly and cost-efficient home. One good way to achieve this is to use natural lighting to brighten up your interiors. Not only can it save you dollars …

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