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Aug 22

3 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Packaging Should Be The Next Investment For Your Green Business

It’s high time for another industrial revolution — one where climate concerns and finite resources are tackled with the technological know-how we’ve achieved over the past century. Packsize, the leading provider of  right-sized corrugated packaging solutions, has found one way to shake-up the production line and cut down on the waste that’s inherently created: change …

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May 10

Making Your Business’s Delivery More Eco-Friendly

Environmental concerns, efficiency and cost savings all share a lot of common ground; you can’t have one of the three without at least part of the other two. For businesses looking to ‘green up’ and become more efficient, it doesn’t take a huge amount of thought. Taking a close look at how eco-friendly your company’s …

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Apr 27

Avoiding Recalls is Beneficial to the Environment

Packaging is everywhere, from the food we consume to the household products and equipment that we buy on a daily basis. Every single packaging, by law, needs to contain important information such as: name of product and the manufacturer, methods on how to store and use the product, warnings and so forth. Now, what happens …

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Dec 20

How Chemical Companies Can Reduce Environmental Impact

As most manufacturing companies will know, achieving optimum delivery whilst minimising risk to the environment is something that requires a lot of forethought and planning; if not out of concern for the surroundings of others, then for your brand’s image and reputation. Being environmentally responsible or conscious is no longer a bonus or a status …

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Dec 18

Gobble Up The Green This Holiday Season …and we’re not just referring to salads

The holiday season makes us think of friends, family, gathering around the fireplace with a toasty warm blanket, and food. Holiday feasting is a big part of holiday culture in just about every tradition. And this year, “green” plays a big part in that — and we’re not just talking about table decorations or salads. …

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Aug 14

Product Review: Omniio O MY! Goat Milk Soap

I’ve heard of products made from goat milk, but I’ve never had the pleasure to use them. That was before Omniio sent me a bar of one of their O My! Goat Milk Soaps as well as lip balm. As someone who actually has milked a goat in my life I was very interested in trying …

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Aug 12

Building Fun: New Toys Used from Old Packaging

If you’ve ever had the experience of watching your baby or toddler be way more fascinated with the cardboard box than the toy that came inside it, then making toys out of so-called trash won’t seem too strange an idea. Redesigning recyclable materials into toys can be an art form. In 2012, Gizmag profiled Arvind …

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Jul 25

10 Easy Steps to Green Your Office

Headline grabbing environmental initiatives announced by multi-nationals may make those running a smaller business think being green will necessitate bold and expensive steps. However, being environmentally friendly is within everyone’s reach. In fact, these practical steps from Rob Fenn at the British Assessment Bureau can help even the smallest business save thousands! Step #1 – …

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Aug 02

Top 5 Tips for Eco Friendly Organization

If your organization takes environmental sustainability seriously, you’re going to have to build green initiatives into everything you do. That means the events you run, the marketing materials you put out there, and the way you organize your office. It’s a tall task, but one that’s incredibly important. The evidence of climate change is all …

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Jul 23

Eco Friendly Tips for Your Home

Over the recent years there has been a significant rise in global warming, which is taking a toll on the health of several individuals. When temperature in the earth’s atmosphere and oceans rapidly rises, it is termed as global warming. Rise in global warming has several negative consequences like floods, droughts and fires. Global warming …

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Jun 18

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Retail Products

Many consumers are concerned not only with the environmental impact of the products they purchase, but also the packages that contain them. Even if certain goods are eminently eco-friendly, the fact that they are sold in packaging that is non-recyclable and responsible for massive pollution and waste during manufacturing sort of cancels out any good …

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May 21

Reduce The Expenses Of Your Relocation By Using Eco-Friendly Packaging

There are many efforts being made to curtail the pollution levels in the environment. It is imperative to make some efforts for bringing about a change. You can make a huge difference by doing your bit for protecting the environment as big differences are usually made, by bringing about small changes. One of the best …

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