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May 10

How to Make Your Business Energy Efficient and Emission Friendly in Three Simple Steps

In our modern world, it is no longer possible to remain ignorant of the damage that we as a species are doing to the planet. We can see global warming in action all around us, watch the warnings on the news every day, and time after time our social media feeds are filled with another …

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Feb 05

4 Easy Ways for Industrial Companies To Go Green

When you think about businesses going green you probably think of offices using energy efficient light bulbs and cutting down on their use of paper. Going green seems to be so easy for office settings. However, when it comes to industrial companies that are required to use heavy machinery for their jobs, green is probably …

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Jan 10

5 Green Campus Activities for Eco-Minded Students

The time you spend in college provides you with myriad opportunities. Not only are you expanding your base of knowledge and preparing for your future career by earning a degree, but you also get to try all kinds of new things, make new friends and future business connections, and learn how to take care of …

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Aug 27

5 Unique Ways Construction Companies Are Going Green

Green solutions can range in scope from something as simple as changing your lights over to newer ones to complex far sighted efforts that involve creating your own office power sources. Between these two extremes, there are plenty of other unique solutions for environmentally conscious companies. You can also take a look at 10 Easy …

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Apr 08

6 Steps You Can Take for a Greener Office

green office

With Earth Day fast approaching, 22nd April for those interested, now is the perfect time to start considering the impact your business and office could be having on the environment. Earth Day aims to promote the value of our planet, encouraging people to take steps to protect it. While at times it seems like forces such …

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Feb 20

The Environmental Benefits Of Paperless Marketing

We live in a world that has, unfortunately, been ravaged by the ecological carelessness of generations of people. Pollution has created holes in the O-Zone layer. Deforestation has destroyed many rainforests, leaving scores of animals without their natural habitat, leading to low wildlife populations and extinction. Hydraulic fracturing is poisoning the American water system and …

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Sep 28

Top 5 Ways for College Campuses to Save Energy

Everybody is trying to save money these days, and college campuses are no exception. In some parts of the country, states’ education budgets have deteriorated to such a degree that furlough days and other corner-cutting have made school really tough on students and teachers alike. Hopefully, many universities and other educational institutions are doing more …

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Sep 20

How to Help Your Business Go Green with a Small Budget

Today, all businesses large and small are looking for ways to go green but the problem is that most businesses do not have a large enough budget to do major changes. The good news is that you can actually help your business go green even with a small budget. The following tips can help you …

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Aug 30

Making Green Convenient

For obvious reasons, protecting our environment is an important and worth while cause. A cause that many people have dedicated themselves to. In fact, it seems that more and more people are taking up the “green” banner each day. These individuals are looking for eco-conscious products for every aspect of their lives from household cleaners …

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Aug 29

Guest Post: Big Business Doesn’t Equal Big Waste

Every year the UK alone consumes over 11 million tonnes of paper and card; the majority of this is through business use and a large proportion is wasted or used needlessly. In this age of digital technology the need for paper should be on the decline with many alternatives to printed media and letters. Paperless …

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Jul 30

Eco-Friendly Tips for Summer School Students

Most kids would rather be out enjoying nature than thinking about the impact they’re having on it, but it’s not hard to get them on board with protecting the forests and streams that they love to play in, especially considering they don’t have to drastically change their lifestyle in order to do so. And for …

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Jul 30

Buy Online for Greener Life Insurance

Gone are the days when there was no other option but to use reams of paper for each life insurance policy. Pages upon pages of brochures, terms and conditions, policy statements, additions and exclusions, letters to and from the insurance provider, and then finally, the actual policy itself – for each and every customer, all …

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