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Jul 31

Environmental Impact of Pet Food

Image Credit: Pixabay   Pet food is a huge part of your life if you have done anything with your own pets. You know that they need specific diets and that you want to take care of all that they are doing as well. That being said, did you ever think that there could be …

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May 17

Toxic Flea and Tick Collars Can Cause Serious Illness For You and Your Pet

We see our pets itch and roll onto the floor. The agony they display from intense itching causes us to quickly do something. We run for instant fixes to relieve the itching, assuming that the chemicals used kills and repels ticks, fleas or any unwanted insects without any side effects to us and our families. …

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Nov 10

5 Helpful Ways to Go Green with Your Pet

Going green with your pet can be a good choice for you, as well as other pet owners out there. But if you need ideas on how to start, Coops and Cages content curator, Jordan Walker, recommends some ways so you can get your plans started. Saving the planet while taking care of your pet …

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Oct 14

What You Need to Know About Pool Chemicals & Your Pets

Even though chemicals have been used in pools for many years, they are not always safe for human or pet use. Some chemicals used in pools, like bromine and chlorine and salt, can even cause extreme skin irritation and inflammation along with dry skin, itchy eyes, and even rashes. If this is the way human …

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Nov 18

Pets at Home: The Greener the Better?

Go green, people! If you have pets at home, you may need to heed this advice for the sake of both of you. Natural products are popular not because they are just considered a fad. In truth, these offer several benefits that include improved health and a better earth. With pets at home, buying green …

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Oct 31

Safe Smells for Your Home

Everyone loves a good-smelling house. There’s just something comforting about having a home that smells good; it makes you want to spend time in it. Of course, even more important than making your house smell good is keeping it from smelling bad, but sometimes these goals are one and the same. Most commercial products for …

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Sep 24

Useful Tips for Your Checklist When Moving Home

There are so many things to take into consideration when moving home comes to the agenda. Deciding on what to do first and how to prioritize everything is the hardest thing to do sometimes. That is why there is a big need of having a proper checklist, so you can follow it prior, during and …

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Jul 03

Guest Post: The Basics of Green Pest Control

You have an earth-friendly office, sustainable food, fair trade clothes and up-cycled furniture. It’s only natural that when summer pests start creeping in, you’d prefer to handle them using green pest control methods. Green pest control is about working with nature, rather than against it, by applying Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. IPM was originally …

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May 30

Product Review: World’s Best Cat Litter

The World’s Best Cat Litter is a company that was “founded on more than sound science. It was founded on a love for cats – indeed all pets – a respect for our communities and a responsibility to our planet”. They are proud of their eco-friendly products which are pet, people and planet friendly. The …

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Nov 28

Recycled Plastic Bottle Scoops

recycle plastic bottle scoop

Ever wonder what to do with all those plastic milk, juice and water containers? Vadxx Company is taking non-recyclable plastic and melting it down into a low sulfur crude oil according to CEO Jim Garret in a press release recently. That’s pretty remarkable. Even though we can’t be quite that efficient we can still find …

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Nov 16

Five Eco-Friendly Dog Products for the Green Owner

With the pet industry positively booming, today there are more opportunities than ever to treat your pooch like royalty. And with retailers increasingly conscious of pet owners’ desire to buy products that don’t have a harmful impact on the environment, eco-friendly dog products are more popular than ever. Here are five eco-friendly dog products that …

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Oct 31

Guest Post: Eco Meets Pet Friendly

pets - dog on porch

The options for “eco-friendly” travellers are getting greater and greater. Though there are vast options when selecting an eco-escape, they all have some similarities in terms of their goals…clean energy, building materials, recycling, conservation and environmental programs, community investment, self-propelled activities, and overall appreciation for nature. For many travellers, this type of a getaway is …

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