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May 25

A Guide to Polytunnels: Are They Environmentally Friendly?

If you enjoy growing your own food, or perhaps aspire to be more self-sufficient, you may be wondering how to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you harvest from your garden or allotment. You might have heard about polytunnels, but maybe you are unsure about what they do, or if they are worth the …

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May 06

Tips for Making Your Diet More Eco Friendly

Living responsibly in a way that helps to preserve the planet is no doubt something that is important to most of us, which leads to us making lots of changes in our life styles to help save the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. A huge part of our life style that sometimes gets forgotten …

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Sep 14

Greening Up School Lunches

There has been a lot of hubbub lately about school lunch programs thanks to attention from the First Lady and her Let’s Move! initiative as well as demonstrations by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who outright attacked the L.A. public school system for their lack of nutrition in school lunches and their general unwillingness to listen …

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Aug 23

5 Steps to Greener Produce Shopping

With so many choices of where and what to buy, shopping for produce is the one of the best ways that we can incorporate green choices into our everyday lives. By following these five easy steps, your produce shopping routine will be green in no time! 1. Green Your List Before you even leave your …

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Jul 30

Natural Vs. Organic Food: What’s the Difference

If you are like anyone else trying to lead eco-friendly lifestyles, what you put into your body is a major consideration when you shop for food. But when you hear the words “natural” and “organic,” it is easy to assume they have interchangeable meanings. But did you know that natural foods are not always organic …

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Jul 05

Easy At-Home Ways to Go Green

These days, it seems everyone’s going green. Schools, businesses and neighborhoods are all incorporating programs and initiatives that promote sustainability and eco-friendly living. But what can you do in your day-to-day life to help the cause? There are several simple steps you can take and changes you can make at home to lessen your impact …

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Jun 26

Going Local Does a Budget Good

I can’t tell you how many people I overhear complaining at the lines of Whole Foods and farmers markets whenever I go grocery shopping. Hoards of people crowd organic produce meccas to select from the most fresh, delicious, and sustainable food on the market, but vehemently complain while doing so. In fact, whenever farmers markets …

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