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Oct 10

Gardening Teaches Us Recycling Skills

Gardening is the exercise of growing plants as part of horticulture (a science which studies the art of cultivating fruits, flowers, vegetables and any other kinds of cultivar). It is a great recreational activity or hobby that can teach you a lot of things especially in saving the environment without costing much expense financially. You …

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Jul 19

5 Ways to Go Green in The Bathroom Without Remodeling

One of the areas in a home that wastes the most resources is the bathroom. Just think about all the paper and water that gets wasted there. That’s why the bathroom is one of the best places to start following eco-friendly practices. And you don’t even need to remodel to go green. Here are five …

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Sep 10

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Going Green With Your Window Treatments

Going green seems to be an in thing these days. If you wish to go green at home, your window treatment should be included. Here are some things you should think of when choosing green window treatments.   Air quality. These days, different materials are employed in making various window treatments and shades. Because of …

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Nov 28

Eco Friendly Remodeling: 5 Ways to Greenify Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting way to change up a part of your home that you interact with on a daily basis. We hop in the shower every morning (at least we should), we brush our teeth twice a day, and there are plenty of other reasons that bring us in and out of the …

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Jul 17

How to Build a Portable Greenhouse?

As a keen gardener, you would be waiting for spring when you can sow seeds and watch the tender plants burst through soil. But with the recent bewildering weather changes, you also know that spring does not always mean good planting conditions. So, what would you do then? This dilemma led many gardeners to buy …

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Apr 02

Harmful Shower Curtains: Why Using Shower Curtains is Destructive to the Environment

(Photo by Rachel Hoefling) Some people may think shower curtains are cost-effective in one’s shower, but are they health-effective? Many people are unaware that shower curtains can be harmful to both humans and the environment, but there are other options that are more environmentally friendly, safe, and cost-effective. Over the tub shower curtains are made …

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