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Mar 08

Three Reasons Heat Pumps are the Future of Energy Efficient Heating

In the past you’d be hard pressed to find a home that didn’t have a oil-heater or furnace running during the winter. While these methods of warming homes worked well in providing a heated environment, they used an immense amount of energy. With the increasingly urgent need for energy saving ideology to be implemented into …

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Dec 30

Simple Green New Year’s Resolutions

Start the New Year off right. Whether you officially have “Go Green” as one of your New Year’s resolutions it should be something to think about. Going green can be one of the smartest and easiest things you do. You can also save money. I promise each of these is easier than quitting smoking or losing 20 …

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May 28

Infographic: Energy Star Certified Homes are Green out of the Box

Everyone knows that Energy Star products use less energy than those that don’t carry the label. While they may cost a little more they will reduce energy usage bringing savings on future bills. However, most people do not know that new homes can also be granted an Energy Star label. To qualify, homes must demonstrate …

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Apr 17

Green Heating On A Small Budget

caulking window

Extreme weather events and the public debate about global warming triggered an ever growing environmental sensibility including the wish to do one’s part in creating a sustainable planet. Additional external factors such as the economic crisis, rising energy prices caused by shrinking fossil resources led to a fuel saving trend in the home and on …

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Apr 17

The Benefits of Green Building

malibu_green building

Living green is essential to protect the environment and the future. There are numerous ways of living green, which include building green homes. If you are seeking a smaller and more efficient residential home, you can opt for a narrow design. The centuries old housing design is on the rise in suburbs and cities. The …

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Feb 27

Using the Latest Technology to Improve Your Water Quality and Reduce Household Bills

As energy prices continue to rise, homeowners throughout the world are looking at ways to reduce their household energy bills. For families living in hard water areas, energy prices are typically higher due to the accumulation of limescale on the components, in the central heating systems and hot water tanks for example. Over time, the build-up …

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Feb 27

Go Green With No Green

natural lighting

Many people have committed themselves to the important cause of minimizing their impact on the environment. One great thing about making that commitment (other than the reward of helping to save the planet) is that there are many, many different options available to someone who wants to be more eco-friendly. However, for an individual with …

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Feb 18

How Can Going Green Save Your Small Business Money?

Going green is not only good for the planet, it’s good for your bottom line — particularly if you own or operate a small business. Adopting greener technology and greener attitudes towards how your company conducts business can save you money on energy costs, as well as strengthen your small business’s reputation. Here are just …

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Dec 04

Home Improvements to Save Energy

Home owners are faced with a number of concerns that they may not be used to, having most likely spent years renting and deferring problems to their landlords. However, now that you actually own your home, it is up to you to take care of home improvement projects and keep on top of maintenance. One …

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Jul 12

Top 5 Techniques for Green Gardening

It seems more than a little strange that something such as gardening could be environmentally damaging, however it is possible that by using certain products you are doing your garden more harm than you are good. What are the top five methods for having a truly green garden and making sure you are being beneficial …

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Mar 13

Video Conferencing Can Help Your Business Be Greener

Though companies exist to provide products and services to ease the lives of their customers, they often neglect the environmental implications of running a business. This can have detrimental effects on the environment, and promises to be problematic for future generations who will have to deal with the issues we are creating now. Luckily though, …

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Feb 28

5 Ways To Be Green And Save Money In The Process

There are 2 major trends happening in the world right now – firstly, people want to save money, since this whole recession thingy has made everyone a bit short – and secondly, people want to start caring about the environment, though often only if it’s no hassle. So this post will help you to do …

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