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May 05

How To Prepare Your Land For Your Own Backyard Orchard

Maybe you’re a huge fan of apples, peaches and plums. Maybe you don’t like paying the hefty price for store-bought cherries. Perhaps you just love trees and would like to provide an ideal habitat for birds, bees and butterflies. Whatever the reason, establishing a backyard orchard can be a very rewarding experience, both for the …

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May 05

Removing Your Oil Tank and How it Can Benefit the Environment

The situation is quite different today, but turn back time a couple of decades and you’d see how popular oil tanks became. Back then, people really thought that this was the best option for when it came to heating and providing energy. Since that is no longer the case, and now people have a lot …

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Jan 05

How You Can Install a Green Roofing System At Home

You’ve seen them before. Green roofing systems, that is. They are popping up on top of commercial buildings in large and mid-sized cities all across the country. There is a very good reason for this. Not only do they look great but they are also beneficial to the environment. What about your home? Is it …

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Mar 11

Reusing Plastic Chicken and Salad Containers for Gardens

When you look around your home, almost anything can be up-cycled or re-purposed in order to create something new. If you’ve ever purchased rotisserie chicken or pre-made salads from your local grocery store, they were probably contained within plastic containers with transparent lids. Have you ever considered that these items can serve as miniature greenhouses …

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Oct 21

Infographic: How Nature Builds Soil & How We Can Enhance It

About Biotic Earth: – Biotic Earth was developed so that project owners and engineers could use an erosion control product that not only prevent erosion, but first amends the soil with the right combination of organic material, micro nutrients and growth stimulants. Fix the soil you have both efficiently and effectively with science, common sense …

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Apr 08

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Using Humus Compost

As the environment heats up due to global warming more organic matter in the soil will decompose and be converted to carbon dioxide.  This will increase global warming even more.  It will also decrease the fertility of the world’s soil and decrease the capability of producing food.  One way to combat the decrease in organic …

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Jan 30

Why Not Go Green At Gardening Too? It Pays!

When we say ‘Go Green’ it does not only mean planting green things in the surroundings; it also means saving environment from hazardous chemicals or inappropriate human activities. For this reason you might have gone green everywhere – at home, in kitchen, at office – just everywhere! But did you imagine you could make your …

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