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Mar 31

What Are The Top Green Cars of 2017?

Many agree that the year 2016 was a good one for the green car market. This is evident with the number of significant new models that were released for that year. It has also moved the entire game further. And the good news to this is that for this year, those that are involved in …

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Oct 23

Can a Car Have Guts AND Be Green?

When most people imagine a green car, the last image they usually perceive from such vehicles is that of performance. The image of the diminutive machine barely capable of getting out of its own way, once personified by hybrid and electric cars like GM’s EV-1 and the Toyota Prius, has fallen by the wayside in …

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May 17

Will the Prius be Replaced Soon?

From the outside, it looks like sales of the Toyota Prius have never been better. According to WardAuto, they surpassed their 2012 sales goal by 16,000 units, and the rising gas prices since 2011 have cause many buyers to take the plunge and go hybrid. But not everything is smooth sailing for the Prius. An …

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Aug 21

Top Eco Cars In The Market Today

Due to the astronomical prices of fuel these days many drivers heavily consider eco cars a viable alternative option. Many drivers who travel many miles know that a lot of money is spent on fuel and that makes hybrid cars an extremely attractive option. In most cases the added upfront cost of an eco friendly …

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