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May 24

100% Renewable Electricity Tariffs

As fossil fuel reserves worldwide begin to get dangerously low, a huge emphasis is being placed on progression within renewable energy. A large majority of the electricity supply mix throughout the US is still being sourced from non-renewable methods; however, huge progress has been made over recent years, seeing noticeable pushes in hydropower and wind. …

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Jan 13

Infographic: How Much Paper is Used in the U.S. in One Day

The amount of paper that is used daily in the United States is shocking.  Although not all of this paper is wasted, it is safe to say that some is. It is important for everyone to start thinking about their paper usage and find ways to decrease it. There are a variety of different activities …

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Feb 04

Infographic: Top 10 Solar Power Countries

This infographic will show us the top countries in the world using solar power measured in gigawatts. There may be some surprises in the results. Germany is the top country followed by China, Italy, Japan, the United States, Spain, France, Australia, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Source:

Jan 17

Infographic: Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water

This infographic is courtesy of:

Oct 27

Guest Post: The Most Eco Friendly Places to Live in the Country

San Francisco

From greenhouse gas emissions and climate change to urban sprawl and pollution, the great urban centers which are home to most Americans are responsible for much of the country’s environmental degradation. The outdated waste management systems, destructive industrial processes and failing infrastructure which are inherent to major cities all contribute to this ongoing problem. With …

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Jul 29

Lessons from the Three Greenest Cities in the United States

Seattle at night

Each year, various publications throughout the world determine which cities are the most environmentally friendly. With the “green” revolution gaining ever more popularity throughout the United States in the past few decades, many cities strive each year to up their ranking within these publications and further minimize their negative impact on the environment. The Siemens …

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