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Aug 24

5 Simple Ways to Clean a House with Dogs

The good news of having a furry friend is that you’re likely healthier and more blissful. How about the bad news? Keeping your home clean might be a tough challenge. But, it’s not an impossible task since I’ve compiled 5 simple ways to clean house with dogs that you shouldn’t miss for sure. Down here …

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Jun 12

Key Tips On How To Clean Your Car In An Environmentally Way

You may not realize it, but washing your car can be especially damaging to the environment. This is partially because running water from your hose during the duration of your car wash uses a ton of water, and partially because the water washes toxins that have accumulated on the surface of your car away and …

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Apr 05

Clean Air at Home: Fighting the Germs and Bacteria

To bring the order in our life, we should try all possible ways. Trying to reach harmony in every sphere of life, primarily, we must think about really essential thing – our health. We will not be able to reach our aims without strong health. Facts about germs One of the most serious threats to …

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Mar 23

How To Buy A Green Vacuum Cleaner

The typical household has one or more vacuum cleaners to keep the various floors free from the dirt that can build up. For most homes these small electrical products are a necessity but they do come at a cost. This is especially evident for those people who are looking to conserve energy and be better …

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Aug 15

These Tools & Equipment Can Make Your Cleaning Tasks a Breeze

If you are like most people, cleaning is not your favorite task in the world. If you want to make the task easier, there certain tools and equipment that you should have. Some of these items can cut your cleaning time in half. Others can get an area clean when nothing else is working. Hard …

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Sep 05

Top 5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Most proponents of environmental sustainability have spent copious amounts of time reading about air pollution, and worrying about the long-term impact on our atmosphere and the health of whole populations. But many people forget that the smog you see floating low over cities isn’t completely relegated to the outdoors. In fact, due to recycled air …

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Aug 29

Keeping Clean and Green with Vacuums, Mops, and Brooms

There are many ways to be eco-friendly, even when cleaning up your house. Whenever you do something like cleaning your floor, whether you’re using a vacuum, a mop, or a broom, you’re having an effect on the environment. With the different variations of each, some types are more ecologically friendly than others. So which one …

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