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May 17

Principle Business Benefits of Using Renewable Forms of Energy

The business sector is the biggest consumer of power in Britain, purchasing approximately 56% from some 40 or so different energy suppliers and surpassing the energy consumption of domestic consumers. The government’s target by 2020 of 3% of our power usage coming from renewable sources means even a modest move in that direction by businesses …

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Nov 28

Generate Drinking Water From the WMS 1000 Wind Turbine

Around forty percent of the globe does not have readily accessible clean drinking water. Water, which is taken for granted by many, sadly does not grow on trees for a large portion of the world. A new innovation out of the French company Eole is a wind turbine – the WMS 1000- that is taking …

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Feb 10

Product Review: Three Sisters All-Natural Oatmeal

Everyone should eat breakfast. Why not eat a nutritious meal to start the day which is also eco-friendly. Speaking of, the good people at Three Sisters Cereal once again gave me three products for me to try. I’ve eaten oatmeal my entire life so I was anxious to try 3 varieties of their instant oatmeal. …

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Jan 11

Blowing in the Wind- Is My Home Turbine Ready?

With the consequences of global warming piling up daily on our TV screens, and in our back yards, it’s not surprising many of us are getting the itch to ‘do something about it’. After all, waiting on the political class to pull their collective fingers out, and take a lead on environmental responsibility, has hardly …

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Oct 25

The Need for Service Technicians in the Wind Energy Sector is Growing!

CBS4 recently covered Redstone College’s wind energy degree program– a 15 month wind career-focused learning experience with emphasis on safety training, electronics and hours of hands-on training in the turbine simulator Redstone installed just for this program. Wind energy companies like Vestas are seeing new contracts and a growing need for service technicians. The wind …

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Oct 14

Product Review: Three Sisters All-Natural Cereal

three sisters cereal

Honestly, as of a month ago I had never heard of Three Sisters Cereal. That changed when the company recently contacted me and were nice enough to give me three of their cereals to review. I was very intrigued by their story: a company in Minneapolis, Minnesota who make cereal in a very eco-friendly way. …

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