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Jun 09

A Sly Visitor Wanders Into My Garden Among The Other Wild Ones

I was surprised one day to see a family of foxes in our yard, just around my garden. I have never seen foxes anywhere near here before. One night the baby and one of the adults were even playing out in the open. Hopping and jumping with each other. They were in the neighborhood for three days and they were gone.

A photo of one of the adult foxes is below. To learn more about red foxes, click here.

You may ask yourself, “Who is the other little dude in the above photo?” Well, that would be Fiacre. He is the patron saint of gardeners and florists, among other things.

Those foxes were a first, but I do have a plethora of other wild animals, though. This doesn’t include the spoiled cat inside the house. We have daily visitors that may include any combinations of the following critters: squirrels, rabbits, birds of all kinds, snakes, deer, chipmunks, turtles, possums, groundhogs and raccoons. All of these are pictured below. The yard is only a half mile from a major freeway and we still have all of this wildlife on our doorstep. Ah, Kentucky.

That is a lot of wild animals. Luckily, none of them are natural enemies of each other. We don’t want Wild Kingdom in the backyard. Oh, and if a hippopotamus makes an appearance, I’ll let you know.

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  1. Another Gardener

    It’s great to get wildlife into your garden, it’s the cherry on top of a garden in full bloom, even if they’re just birds.

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