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Jun 17

Electric Company Mails Out Home Depot CFL Coupons To Customers

This week I received something quite unexpected in the mail from my electric and gas company. In the envelope, instead of a bill, there was a nice letter and coupons for compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) at an area Home Depot. In the past Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Company (KU), which are e-on companies, have been sending pamphlets on how to save more money through programmable thermostats and ways to conserve electricity, but I think this latest mailing is a big step forward for an electric company. Of course there is the argument that these mailings use more paper, but let’s hope that these mailings are on recycled paper.

On their website, concerning the coupons, this is posted:

The coupon offering is part of the E.ON U.S. energy efficiency program that provides customers with information about how they can use energy more wisely. The coupons are for $4 off the purchase of a 4-pack of 14-watt spiral CFLs or $3 off a 2-pack of 14-watt CFL floodlamps. The coupons are for the ‘N:vision’ or ‘Ecosmart’ brands. The replacement of incandescent light bulbs with CFLs is just one aspect of the program. If customers replace five of their most used incandescent light bulbs, they could save an estimated $27 per year in their energy bills.

These coupons will come in handy. I will definitely use them if and when my current CFL bulbs burn out. Kudos to the good people at e-on for offering this for their customers.

For some eco-friendly products at Home Depot, go to the Home Depot EcoOptions website.

You never know, maybe my electric company will see this nice post about them and I’ll save even more money on my next bill.

Are others receiving similar mailings from their electric and gas companies?


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