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Jun 18

Nikko Blue Hydrangea – Nice Addition to Any Yard or Garden

nikko blue hydrangea

A few years ago I wanted something for my front yard that would fill in a space a large bush once called home. My yard was full of green, red and yellow, but no blue. I wanted that to change so I looked high and low for something that would bring blue to my yard. My quest ended with my purchase of a Nikko Blue hydrangea.

I soon found out that the color of the big blooms depends on the acidity level of the soil. In acidic soil, the Nikko Blue hydrangea has deep blue flowers, while in alkaline soil, the blooms become more of a pink color. Since I wanted blue blooms, I needed to make sure my soil was acidic. So I bought some fertilizer for “acid loving plants”. For organic fertilizer that will do the trick, you can buy Dr. Earth® Acid Lovers Fertilizer.

The Nikko Blue hydrangea is low maintenance, but there are a few things to note. The Nikko Blue hydrangea grows best in fertile, well-drained soils. They are not very drought tolerant, and should be watered regularly during dry periods. The Nikko Blue hydrangea prefers full sun, but should be given half shade in areas that have overly hot summers.

The Nikko Blue hydrangea shrubs grow from four to six feet tall, and have a mature spread of five to seven feet. Hardy in zones 5 to 9, the Nikko Blue hydrangea have large bright green leaves and dramatic flower colors. The Nikko Blue hydrangea blooms on large buds formed on growth from the previous season. Because of this, any pruning should be done immediately after flowering.

The photo above was taken this week as the blooms were just showing their color. It will continue to bloom throughout the summer. The Nikko Blue hydrangea was a good purchase for me. They are sold at most nurseries and home improvement stores. I would definitely recommend the Nikko Blue hydrangea to anyone who wants a big pop of blue in their yard.

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    That’s grandma’s favorite garden plant. It’s a beautiful plant with beautiful flowers.

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