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Jun 23

Magazine Publishers of America Please Recycle Campaign

I was looking through a magazine this week and was a little surprised at what I saw on one of the pages. It was a logo that read “Please Recycle This Magazine. Remove Inserts or Samples Before Recycling”. I thought that was pretty cool. I was going to recycle this magazine anyway, but I know that magazines aren’t exactly the first thing you think of that can be easily recycled. And here is a little reminder to that fact. More and more cities are taking and recycling magazines including the Magazine Publishers of America.

recycle magazine logo

As it turns out this logo is part of the Magazine Publishers of America Please Recycle Campaign. The key objectives of the campaign are to overcome the lack of public awareness that magazines can be recycled in the vast majority of communities in the U.S. and, thereby, increase the percentage of used magazines that are recycled. For maximum impact, it will be important that the logo be displayed in a consistent and easy-to-find location inside the magazine for instance on the masthead or at the bottom of the table of contents. Look to see if it’s in your favorite magazine.

Most domestic curbside and drop-off recycling programs now accept magazines as well as a wide variety of other materials (e.g., catalogs, direct mail, phone books), yet awareness of this capacity and participation in these programs has lagged in many communities. Because of this, MPA has begun this nation-wide campaign.

Today only about 20 percent of magazines are recycled from the home, even though at least two-thirds of the population has access to magazine recycling in their community. Increasing magazine recycling will reduce the amount of new fiber that must be obtained from wood, meaning that fewer trees can be harvested to produce a given quantity of paper or board product.

My neighborhood recycling program has been taking magazines for years. There was a time when they did not. Hopefully, more local recycling centers will be recycling not only magazines, but more paper and plastic products. Recycle those magazines!

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    Good article and the logo is certainly a good decision to bring awareness because I understand that people do know about environmental issues but they’re not aware of what they should do to be a part of improving your environment. This is a good step and will change the way we live. I hope everyone and every country follows this suit, people are ripping trees off even though they know that it’s harmful for the planet but what can they do? It’s their earnings afterall, Governments just shouldn’t only stop cutting of trees but also provide other job opportunities for the people who’re involved in this industry as well.

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