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Jun 30

Mutt Mitt®, the Pet Pollution Solution, is Made in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

Rabbit Hash - Mutt Mitt

I found a book titled Weird Kentucky a few months ago and I was intrigued. I mean, I’m weird and I’ve lived in Kentucky my entire life so I had to read this book. There were many interesting stories, legends and facts about Kentucky. One of the most interesting items in the book is a page on the small town of Rabbit Hash, which has a website located here. This town is best known for electing a dog as mayor. I’m not making that up. They actually voted in a dog as mayor of their fine town. There was a documentary made on the town of Rabbit Hash which details the election which resulted in a dog as mayor. I’ve seen the documentary and I really enjoyed it. The film shows an honest and real portrayal of people. More info on the movie can be seen here.

Anyway, the reason this little town is in my blog is because of a product mentioned in the film, which is made in this tiny town in Kentucky. That product is Mutt Mitt®, the biodegradable pet pollution solution. They are made by a company called Intelligent Products, Inc.  They are used in communities and parks around the country to make it simple for dog owners to clean up the poo from their dogs and dispose of it easily and environmentally. Mutt Mitt® is made solely in the U.S. and has been made since 1989. For more information, go to the Mutt Mitt® website.

Everyone who lives in Rabbit Hash calls it “The Center of the Universe”. Who knows? Maybe it is. I do know that cleaning up dog poo in an eco-friendly manner is better than the alternative. Whether you live in the center of the universe or not, keep your area clean and green.


  1. The Ridges in summerlin

    Really inspiring post, I am glad to see that people’s are still loyal to their animal friends. It’s a good product & it’s good to see that Intelligent Products Inc are working hard for the betterment of environment. It’s up to every individual to keep our area clean & green.

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    : Scott Hall story. Tough to see a guy go from top of the world to pet solution !

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