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Aug 04

Half Price Books: One of EPA’s Top 20 Green Power Retailers

half price booksI recently went to my local Half Price Books and sold some of my old books and bought a couple of recent novels for half price.  I was new to the store and wasn’t informed on the eco-friendliness of the store.  For instance, Half Price Books was named in the EPA’s Top 20 Green Power Retailers.  I did a little research and I thought I would share.

Half Price Books began in 1972 and now has many locations in 16 states across the Unites States. For the nearest store near you, go here. If you like to own books, not just borrow from a library, this is the place. They carry best sellers, used books as well as classics. And that is just the books. They also have CDs, LPs, text books, DVDs and more. Most of these sell for half price or less. If there is a location near you, I urge you to visit a store and see for yourself. I will definitely be returning soon.

From the Half Price Books website:

Things we believe no one should waste: paper, knowledge, trees, words, time, and money. Half Price Books is the book recycler. We buy books you’ve already enjoyed. So if you have more books than shelves, bring yours to us today. We pay the most for recent best sellers and collectibles. But we’re also interested in your children’s books, mysteries, music, movies and games. We donate all our overstock inventory to nonprofit agencies around the world.

So let’s work together and help save our Mother Earth. When you visit Half Price Books, you’ll save trees, books, and of course, money. We are committed to the community and preserving our environment. We operate every day based on the convictions of our founders to waste not and read a lot. Every day is earth day at Half Price Books.


Half Price Books has a website called b(eco)me, which details their green effort, has green tips as well as b(eco)ming bagless.



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    I love Half_priced book stores. Funny thing is, I wait for sales there too. I am a quarter price book buyer. I can wait a few months until the books move off the best seller list before I read them

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    I truly appreciate your time and effort.

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    […] By using the library you are saving on the cost of the book and you are reducing the unnecessary clutter on your bookshelf at home. You will also be helping to reduce the amount of paper needed to create new books. Some libraries will accept donations of old books and magazines in good shape. The books I owned that I didn’t want anymore I dropped them off at Half Price Books. […]

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