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Aug 12

Litter Bugs Me


Wikipedia defines litter as “waste that people unlawfully dispose of out of doors. It can be packaging or other unwanted items. Litter can be vandalism, carelessness, or inadvertence. Litter is a form of visual pollution. It can harm health, safety, and welfare. It adversely affects wildlife and environmental quality.”  That’s a pretty darn good definition.



A couple of times on the Ways2GoGreen twitter account I have posted this little phrase about littering:

Don’t litter. Ever. I mean it. I will find you and rub your nose in it. Seriously.

Note: In the above quote, I’m only half kidding.


I usually get a lot of re-tweets from this post which tells me there are many others who feel like I feel about littering. I think that littering is the ultimate in laziness and is such as selfish act. However, some people seem to feel that everywhere is their personal wastebasket. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found trash in my front yard from passer-bys who throw what they just finished eating or drinking from their vehicles.

Not littering is about as easy of a green activity to get in the habit of doing as there is in this world.  If you are a habitual litterer: Stop littering!  Put your trash in the proper trash receptacle.  If you do litter, remember the above quote.  We are watching.


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  1. Marlene Affeld

    I am always heartened when I find post that focus on protecting the environment. Thanks for sharing your views on littering.

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