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Sep 15

Clean Out That Closet and Donate or Reuse Your Used Clothing

messy closet

Many people have closets similar to the one above. No, you may not have a robe with duckies on them, but you probably have at least one closet that needs to be decluttered. Don’t just dump all of your unwanted clothing into the trash, however. You have the opportunity of doing something green, get yourself a little more organized and receive a tax deduction. How cool is that?

You can combat a messy closet by going through your used clothing and put them into four piles.

1. Clothing you still wear and that you will keep – this will be clothing that you have worn in the past 12 months or you know you will wear in the next 12 months

2. Clothing you don’t wear, but is in good condition which you can donate – there are many great choices when it comes to donating your clothing. Just a few are:


3. Clothing you don’t wear, but may be cleverly reused – find out some ways to reuse used clothing here

4. Clothing that is falling apart, which can’t be worn or reused and needs to be thrown away

Clothing donations are needed by many of the 600,000 homeless families in the United States. But the need doesn’t end there: more than 28 million children living in low-income families and their parents could also benefit from donated clothes.

Clothing donations should be clean, undamaged, and reasonably wrinkle-free. Clothing can be folded and packed in sturdy boxes or bags; avoid hangers. Items that come in pairs (shoes, gloves, socks) should be kept together (shoe laces can be tied together, gloves and socks can be stuffed inside each other). Pockets should be emptied and any belts should be securely fastened to their appropriate items.

For tax purposes, you should keep a list of the clothing you donate. Donation centers usually give you a tax receipt, but if you mail your clothing or shoe donation to a charity, also send a self-addressed, stamped envelope so it can send you a receipt. Shipping costs are tax deductible as well.

Take all the time you need: whether it be two hours or two weeks. You’ll be doing something great and eco-friendly for yourself, your spouse and possibly your local community.


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  1. gretchen

    tons of clothes aren’t going to be re-used as is becauses of stains, worn out places etc. learn to sew! an old t-shirt and a bit of elastic make 2 pair of underpants (with your favorite radical t-shirt design emblazoned across your derierre). (patterns available free online)

    neck on a t-shirt frayed? salvage material from another old t-shirt to make a polo shirt collar.

    old clothes make great quilt materials. ratty jeans braid up into great rugs. lower legs of old jeans make nifty bags. take your "reusable grocery bags" to a whole next level by making them yourself out of an old pair of pants.

    a good sewing machine (i LOVE my Bernina) is the greatest Green Machine going.

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    Instead of letting your clothes rip off your closet,donating it would be a good act to do! Aside from the fact that you help others your clothes would appreciate your gesture if they could talk!

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    Orginizing and donating goes hand in hand. Thanks for publishing this article to highlight this issue

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    I usually clean out my closet once every one and a half to two years, giving away items I no longer use to people who need it most.

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