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Nov 04

Green Tip: Lower Your Thermostat Temperature in the Winter and Raise it in the Summer

thermostatThere are ways to make your thermostat be more eco-friendly. Raising and lowering your thermostat temperature can save you money by using less energy. When it is warm and your air conditioning is kicking on raise your thermostat a couple of degrees.  Lower your thermostat temperature when your heat is working to warm your home. You can save up to 3% on your bill for every degree you lower or raise the temperature.  You will be using less energy without losing comfort. For instance during the summer we have our thermostat set to 73 degrees, while during the cold months our thermostat is set to 69 degrees. We don’t feel any loss in comfort, but we sure see the savings in the monthly utility bill.

If you have an older thermostat you should look into a programmable thermostat because they are very energy-efficient and  can save you even more money. From the Energy Star website on programmable thermostats:

Did you know that properly using a programmable thermostat in your home is one of the easiest ways you can save energy, money, and help fight global warming? An ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostat helps make it easy for you to save by offering four pre-programmed settings to regulate your home’s temperature in both summer and winter — when you are asleep or away.

The average household spends more than $2,200 a year on energy bills — nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling. Homeowners can save about $180 a year by properly setting their programmable thermostats and maintaining those settings. The pre-programmed settings that come with ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostats are intended to deliver savings without sacrificing comfort. Depending on your family’s schedule, you can see significant savings by sticking with those settings or adjust them as appropriate for your family. The key is to establish a program that automatically reduces heating and cooling in your home when you don’t need as much.

Choose the right programmable thermostat — There are three types of programmable thermostats designed to best fit your daily schedule. Learn more about the energy saving features that each model offers.


Do you have a programmable thermostat?  How is that working out for you?


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    Great tip, I never have thought about lowering the thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer, definitely something I would like to try. Thanks.

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    Such an effective way to reduce the electricity bill up to an extent. Now one can easily monitor the power consumption according to the temperature.

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    This helped me, I was planning to buy a thermostat

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    […] The impact to your utility bills will be obvious. You can save 3% of your total utility bill for every degree you move towards the outside air temperature which can equate to hundreds saved per year. […]

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