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Nov 16

Hiking is Great at Jefferson Memorial Forest

Jefferson Memorial Forest

This past weekend I hiked in Jefferson Memorial Forest, which is located in southern Jefferson County in Louisville, Kentucky.  I had never been there before, much less hiked there so I took the opportunity on a decent day in November for a hike.  I ended up hiking the Purple Heart Trail, which is a 2 mile loop trail which is of moderate difficulty.  There are definitely some literal ups and downs to this trail, but it isn’t too strenuous.

Jefferson Memorial Forest Jefferson Memorial Forest

This past week the fall colors were mostly gone and understandably parts of the trails were overcome with leaves, but the trails and the grounds were otherwise clean and a great place to getaway.

Jefferson Memorial Forest

Above is the Tom Wallace Lake.  I would like to go back next year and explore more of the many trails at Jefferson Memorial Forest.  Kentucky is a beautiful state and you can see some of its beauty at Jefferson Memorial Forest.

Jefferson Memorial Forest

Do you like hiking or have you ever been to Jefferson Memorial Forest?

Let me know.

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  1. JC Cissell

    Glad you enjoyed your first visit to Jefferson Memorial Forest. It’s a pretty amazing place, especially given that it’s found inside our city limits!

    We’ve got some pretty exciting announcements coming up about expanded hiking opportunities… and we’re always looking for more volunteers.

    Sign up at for e-mail newsletter updates if you want some occasional friendly reminders about what’s going on at the Forest.

    We appreciate the kind words. Happy hiking!

    Jason Cissell
    Louisville Metro Parks

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