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Nov 23

Louisville Gas & Electric gives customers four free CFL bulbs through CFL Program

Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) in their never-ending attempt to educate and help customers to be more eco-friendly and save money has added a CFL Program to their arsenal. Under their CFL Program customers receive a mailer identical to the image above. The customer just needs to mail in the little reply card attached and they will be sent four CFL bulbs.   Just like that.  I just received my mailer and you know I will be taking advantage of this opportunity.

So if you are not a customer of LG&E are you jealous?  Well, contact your electric company and let them know that these programs exist and they too can do more for their customers by providing green programs.

I look forward to receiving my free CFL bulbs.  I have many CFL bulbs in my home, but I do believe I have 4 bulbs left which are not.  They are the lights in my garage door opener.   Wow, my garage is about to get more eco-friendly.

Do other electric companies have similar programs?  I would like to hear about them.



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  1. Martha

    I also got a free one CFL bulb and an eco-friendly tote bag through one of my credit card providers. I got these freebies by switching to email delivery of my monthly statement bill. I think they’re offering these freebies to save cost from paper printing and also to help mother nature.

  2. electrician

    That is a great opportunity! I actually enjoy the light from these bulbs better than regular ones. The energy savings might not look like much individually, but if everyone started using them everywhere in their homes and businesses, it would amount to a lot of energy saved every year!

  3. BPI Certification

    I think eco-friendly programs like this are great as well. It is so easy to use energy-efficient light bulbs that I don’t understand why more people don’t just make the switch!

  4. Jennie K. Hewitt

    I have not received my CFL postcard for the free LGE light bulbs. Jennie (Louisville, KY)

  5. Jaclyn Young

    I think LGE/KU are doing a superb job giving customers energy saving light bulbs plus rebates on energy saving appliances/windows. I have received rebates and I appreciate that. Some of the other energy saving ideas are easy and worthwhile trying!

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