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Jul 01

How and why did I get into gardening? I gave my answer to The Courier-Journal

Clay Miller in Courier Journal

The Courier-Journal, the Louisville newspaper, recently asked residents why and how did they become drawn into gardening. Me, being a gardener for over 15 years, had to answer. I was lucky enough to have my response and photo in the newspaper. The following is what I wrote on why I’m drawn from an early age:

My parents got me into gardening and I’m so glad they did. Gardening teaches you responsibility as well as the satisfaction of growing something that can be appreciated or eaten. Even in Kentucky, you can grow almost whatever you like. It has been one of my favorite hobbies for years. From flowers to tomatoes, gardening has taught me a lot about nature. I recommend gardening to anyone and everyone.


Over the years I have grown just about anything you can in Kentucky. The photo below is the last all-out garden I had a few years ago. The scarecrow was a fun little thing to add to the garden, but I’m not sure it really worked. Days after this photo was taken a family of deer wiped out my entire crop of sweet corn. I guess they needed it more than me. One of the casualties, I reckon.

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