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Jan 18

Going Green = Healthy Life

When people talk about going green, they mainly talk about how it is good for our planet. While there is no doubt that watching your energy consumption and reducing pollution is beneficial for Earth, going green also has a big impact on your personal health. You may not realize how you are helping yourself by going green because you are so focused on helping the environment. By taking a closer look at what you do to improve the world around you, you can find amazing ways going green improves your health.

Using Less Energy or Alternative Energy

One of the most popular ways of going green is reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. The vast majority of the world’s energy use comes from fossil fuels. Consumption of these fuels causes several problems, including global warming. The use of fossil fuels can also be harmful on an individual level. You should go green to help improve the air quality around you. Using alternative energy sources helps reduce pollution that causes allergies and asthma. Clean air also reduces your chances of getting lung cancer.

Using fossil fuels for energy releases particles in the air that are linked to heart disease. In addition, infectious diseases spread more easily due to global warming. By doing your part to reduce global warming, you can help slow the spread of deadly illnesses.

The easiest way for you to go green and reduce your energy use is by opening your shades and letting sunlight into your home. While saving money by using less artificial light, you get to enjoy the health benefits provided by the sun. Sunlight helps improve your overall mood and improves your ability to absorb calcium.

Change the Way You Get Around

Another common way people go green is by changing the way they commute to work or get around their town. Driving a car is one of the biggest way people pollute our environment. If you live close to your destination, consider riding your bike. Riding your bike causes no pollution and gives you great exercise in the process. You can improve the strength of your heart and lose weight while pedaling to class. Taking the bus is another alternative to driving your car. Taking a bus cuts down on pollution and provides exercise when you walk to and from each stop. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet new people by taking the bus. Social interaction has been shown to reduce the chances of depression and improve overall mental health.

If you are constantly commuting to school, you can think about enrolling in online schools to go green. Online schools allow you to take your classes from the comfort of your home. You save time, money and help the environment by reducing your reliance on motorized transportation.

Eat Different Foods

There are ways to go green beyond reducing pollution and your energy use. By choosing local food, you help the environment and improve your health. Choosing local or organic produce allows you to avoid pesticides. Pesticides on food can make you sick and are harmful to ecosystems. You should try to avoid purchasing pre-packaged foods as much as possible. It takes more energy and materials to produce pre-packaged foods than local products. They are filled with empty calories, sodium and sugar. You can go a long way to reducing your chances of heart disease, cancer and obesity by avoiding pre-packaged foods.

Staying away from bottled water is one of the best food consumption changes to make to help the environment and improve your health. A lot of energy is wasted producing bottled water and chemicals from the plastic can leak into the water and make you sick.


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Rebecca Broyce is a writer and lover of all things green! She lives her life by going green and helping people learn and do the same thing! In her spare time she is a freelance writer for


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