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Feb 01

Another Eco-Friendly Reusable Resource: Public Libraries


Books can be reused from libraries for many years

I don’t know about you, but I love to read. Whether it is novels, newspapers or magazines I love to learn and be entertained. Years ago I got into the bad habit of buying every book I wanted to read. Well once my bookshelf got full and my other bookshelf got full I slapped myself with a paperback (a hardcover would have hurt too much) and said “I need to make a change!”. I came with a solution which saves me money, saves space in my house as well as being pretty darn eco-friendly. Public libraries.

Even in this age where reduce, reuse and recycle are three ideas that are on the minds of many, one place may get overlooked for it’s green services. Shhh… if you enjoy books, like to save money and are an eco-conscious person look no further than your local public library. Instead of purchasing a book, see if your local public library has it in stock. When you are finished with the book, just return it and repeat the process.  The best part is that is that all of this is free. Now public libraries not only carry books, but also audio-books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and more.

By using the library you are saving on the cost of the book and you are reducing the unnecessary clutter on your bookshelf at home. You will also be helping to reduce the amount of paper needed to create new books. Some libraries will accept donations of old books and magazines in good shape. The books I owned that I didn’t want anymore I dropped them off at Half Price Books.

Most public libraries now offer free internet access. So you can search the world wide web and the enormous amount of books they carry all for free. You may be surprised by all that your local public library may offer. Many libraries have children reading programs and other events to get the community involved and create a even better library.

Public libraries are such a fantastic asset that everyone needs to recognize. Support your local public library by getting a library card and check out some books.  You’ll be spoiled in no time.  For a list of public libraries in the United States, go to


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  1. Andrew Cole

    Highly educative many thanks, I do believe your current readers would certainly want considerably more items similar to this keep up the excellent effort.

  2. Suzanne Carter

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Definitely the best option is to go to the library and fetch the book you want to read. Just like you, even I bought a pile of books just before I made aware of the book collection the library has. Man, I think nowadays libraries are no less than publishing companies themselves. They have piles of them and definitely would save you a lot of money as well

  3. Nicole Meek

    Great blog! Libraries are fantastic! You can also create your own library. We have a book shelf here at work that my co-workers give & take from. The last four books I have read (all fantastic) belonged to co-workers… they have great taste in literature & I trust what they put on the shelf is always something I will enjoy!

    Nicole Meek, Halton Region (Ontario, Canada),, @haltonrecycles

  4. SherryGreens

    We love the library!

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