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Product Review: Three Sisters All-Natural Oatmeal

Everyone should eat breakfast. Why not eat a nutritious meal to start the day which is also eco-friendly. Speaking of, the good people at Three Sisters Cereal once again gave me three products for me to try. I’ve eaten oatmeal my entire life so I was anxious to try 3 varieties of their instant oatmeal. I was given Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar & Maple as well as Cinnamon & Apples (they also have Plain Grain).

Before I get into the individual flavors let me say that for the oatmeal itself it was a nice change over the ordinary. Their oats are heartier and you can actually taste the oats no matter what flavor you are eating. None of their oatmeal have any artificial preservatives or flavors. Also, the oatmeal pouch doubles as a measuring cup.

I started off with Dark Chocolate, who wouldn’t start with chocolate first? I thought the chocolate was sweet without being too sweet. Other instant oatmeal I’ve had before are way too sweet for me and actually is why I stopped eating instant oatmeal for awhile. The taste of warm dark chocolate is definitely a good taste for a meal in the morning. It is made with real chocolate morsels.

Next was the Brown Sugar & Maple. I’ve had many brown sugar and maples before, but this was definitely the best. It wasn’t too sweet and along with the 100% whole grains it is one tasty oatmeal.

Lastly, Cinnamon & Apples. I like me some cinnamon and apples and again I’ve eaten many foods with the flavor of cinnamon and apples. Most of these are too heavy on the cinnamon or too heavy on the apples. The tastes of this oatmeal is well-balanced.

So what makes Three Sisters Cereal eco-friendly? Well, they purchase wind-generated electricity credits from Windsource® for 100% of the electricity used to produce their cereals. There is 25% less consumer packaging than the other brands. They are also big into recycling and reducing waste and water consumption. That’s what I’m talking about!

Overall, I highly recommend trying Three Sisters Instant Oatmeal as well as Three Sisters Cereal for the taste and the eco-friendly features of the company.

All of their products are sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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