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With Earth Day exactly 2 months away, I thought I would post an Earth Day Top 10 List. The following is from, which is a one-stop shop for clever replacements to common disposables – paper towels, plastic bags, bottled water, paper lunch bags and more.


From the website:

Our proprietary, award winning reuseit™ line (formerly ACME Bags) was launched back in 2003 in response to the lack of high-quality, everyday basics. We continue to lead the way, landing rave reviews from customers and critics alike. Made from sustainable, high-performance materials and in accordance with fair labor/fair trade practices, reuseit™ products are stylish, practical and built-to-last.

Here are our Top Picks for Earth Day:

  1. reuseit™ Biodegradable, 100% Recycled Garbage Bags – infused with a natural additive that allows the plastic to biodegrade completely into natural elements
  2. reuseit™ DIY Cleaning Spray Bottle – made in the USA with 40% post-consumer recycled content, recipes & instructions for making non-toxic cleaners at home printed right on the bottle
  3. reuseit™ EarthTote, original – best-selling replacement to paper shopping bags, stands on its own for easy packing
  4. reuseit™ Thank You and Have A Nice Day tote bags – printed locally with PVC-free ink on our best-selling dual-handled hemp tote bags
  5. reuseit™ Bluesign-certified Workhorse – the original replacement for plastic bags that folds into its own ultra-compact pouch attached inside the bag
  6. reuseit™ snack & sandwich bags – durable, easy-to-clean & 100% made in the USA
  7. reuseit™ I’m Not A Paper Towel” & More “I’m Not A…” Products – clever replacements for paper lunch bags & paper towels – replacements for plastic water bottles, plastic bags, facial tissue and more coming soon!
  8. reuseit™ Recycled PET Mesh Ultra Compact Tote – a smart, stylish, 55% recycled bag that folds into its own compact pouch
  9. reuseit™ Recycled PET Mesh Produce Bags, set of 4 + Stuff Sack – lightweight, long-lasting replacement for plastic produce bags
  10. reuseit™ Everything Cloth – cut back on multiple use & toss items, including disposable napkins, tissues, wet wipes and paper towels – made with hemp & organic cotton

For more Earth Day ideas, check out our Activist Gear, and see all reuseit™ products here.

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